Shocking new development in J6 case has people frantically scrambling


The J6 case has been at the top of people’s minds for months. Both sides understand the significance of the situation.

But now, a shocking new development in the J6 case has left people frantically scrambling.

The Radical Left has fully weaponized the justice system, and they are doing everything they can to stop Trump from taking office again.

Many are taking it even further by doing everything in their power to ensure Trump sees jail time.

The Radical Left is silencing all those who oppose them, and the next few months are going to be critical in the fight for freedom in America.

However, a shocking new development in the January 6th proceedings could throw a wrench in everything.

The current J6 case against Donald Trump has been completely dropped from the public’s calendar.

The case, which was brought by Special Counsel Jack Smith and is presided over by Judge Tanya Chutkan, currently has pending motions on appeal.

The Washington Post reports, “Former President Donald Trump’s March 4 trial date on charges of plotting to overturn the results of the 2020 election has been dropped from the public calendar of the federal court in Washington, a sign of what has long been anticipated — that his claim of presidential immunity from criminal prosecution would delay his trial while it remains on appeal.”

One of the motions that is currently being appealed was brought forth by Trump’s team.

The motion claims that Trump has presidential immunity since the alleged offense all occurred while he still held the office of the president.

The Trump team brought the motion before Chutkan, who denied it, but Trump later appealed.

Special counsel Smith then brought the motion before the Supreme Court and requested that they rule on it swiftly.

However, the court declined and left it to the lower court decision.

Trial dates will be postponed while Trump’s motion is considered by the appeals court, Chutkan has announced.

Trump is charged by Joe Biden’s DOJ of orchestrating “riots” and “insurrection”, which took place during Trump’s tenure.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis, who is currently dealing with her own issue when it was exposed that she hired a man to work on the prosecuting team with whom she was having an affair, has filed a RICO lawsuit against Trump in Georgia.

Michael Roman, one of the eighteen defendants in the lawsuit, has subpoenaed Willis.

This April, the Manhattan DC Alvin Bragg’s case is most likely going to proceed.

In that case, Trump is charged with misrepresenting payments to his lawyers as legal costs in his bookkeeping records, but Bragg maintains that the money was really meant to be “hush money” for a porn star that Trump reportedly had an affair with.

Though he hasn’t said which crimes he thinks these alleged misdemeanors were also in service of, Bragg has stated that these misdemeanor accusations are truly felonies.

This coming February 15 is a pretrial hearing.

Trump is accused of holding onto secret records after leaving office in a federal court in Florida.

While the Biden attorneys work out how to access the relevant sensitive materials, that matter is pending.

The situation is growing more intense as the stakes are raised higher and higher every day.

We must stay vigilant and prepare for what is coming.

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