August 17, 2022

Flyover Folks Chew Up and Spit Out the Border Czar

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Kamala Harris feature

Kamala Harris

Flyover folks chewed the fat this week in solidarity with their rural compadres on the U.S. southern border after discovering that, according to U.S. Border Patrol, illegal crossings spiked a crazy 624% in the last year. As the border Czar seems to be missing and thousands of aliens are crammed into containers and detention facilities, as the famous and ever-present “they” say, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Once the topic on all activist media sites during the Trump administration, there is nary a peep on worsening conditions from the press. Has the story been told too many times? Or is the crisis and chaos simply being swept under the rug? Earlier in the week, Ms. Kamala Harris appeared on one such style of media outlet and claimed she had been to the border (not true) and would be going again sometime in the future. When pressed by the newsman, she cackled a tad and finally said, “Well, I haven’t been to Europe either.” The latest response was, “I’ll keep you posted.”

From the Buckeye state, John Hochstetter asked: “Is there a border?” Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) answered John’s question when she took a cardboard cutout of the veep to McAllen, TX, and planted the cardboard Kamala facing said border. In a tweet, Boebert blasted out a few snarky words for clarification: “More than 70 days ago, Biden named cackling Kamala as border czar. But she hasn’t done a single thing to protect the American people. Now Kamala, I want you to stand here and look at what you’ve done.”

Harris – The Gift That Keeps Giving

Ms. Harris wields her somewhat annoying schoolgirl titter when she needs to derail tough questions. The U.S. southern border brings the cackle. During a briefing in Mexico – nowhere near the border – Harris snapped at a reporter from Univision when queried on when she might grace the overrun facilities. “I’m not finished,” she barked and kept talking about meetings and summits and stuff.

But her most bizarre act of late – what some are labeling “an unimaginable level of narcissism” – has Kamala sandblasted from top to toenails.

On the anniversary of D-Day, Harris trotted about Air Force 2, handing out treats to the press corps – who immediately snapped shots and tweeted mean things. The treats were cookies shaped and decorated to look like Harris. Seriously, shaped and decorated. One tweet compared Harris to another famous politician: “’Kamala Antoinette: ‘Let them eat cookies.’”

Kamala giggled and said, “I thought you’d like to eat my face.” That’s not weird at all. Jacob Hepstall waded in from Alabama and queried: “Did she give one to the kids in cages? Can I ask that?” And that thread was put to bed by Alexa Garcia in Albuquerque, NM: “Jacob, it’s shipping containers, so that’s way better. But Harris can’t know any of that until she gets her a—to the border and brings those damn cookies for the kids to enjoy.”

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