July 2, 2022

The ‘Woke’ Albatross Around the Democrats’ Neck

The writing seems to be on the proverbial wall for Democrats, and the ill-advised “defund the police” campaign is one of several reasons why the party might lose everything in 2022 and beyond. Dems seem to finally realize that the antics of the far-left progressive wing of the party have become enormous liabilities. However, it might be too late for them to correct course.

Democrats Facing Anti-Woke Backlash?

Defund the police

According to the Washington Examiner, “some Democrats are increasingly questioning whether liberal rhetoric on hot-button issues such as policing and education could alienate centrist voters they’ll need to win over in the midterm elections.”

Amid a skyrocketing crime rate and furor over elements of critical race theory (CRT) being taught in some of the nation’s classrooms, Democratic leaders seem to be scrambling to deal with the fallout. The backlash against the party in both of these areas has created a pretty severe problem for Democrats in Congress and President Joe Biden.

“A poll published last week by Navigator Research, a Democratic firm, showed the majority of voters from both parties and independents — as well as white, black, and Hispanic voters — cited violent crime as a ‘major crisis,’” according to The Examiner. Liberty Nation’s Leesa Donner noted that:

“The year 2021 is shaping up to be quite the boon for criminal activity across the United States. Homicides are up in the Big Apple 45% and shootings 78%. In Chicago, the murder rate has risen 16% and shootings 25%. In Washington, D.C., police data reveal a 16-year high, with a 43% rise in homicides.”

Many point to the decision by some major cities to slash funding for law enforcement as a key contributor to the disturbing rise in criminal activity – especially in predominantly black communities. In addition, the Democrats’ embrace of soft-on-crime rhetoric resulted in critical losses for the Democrats in 2020. Political science professor Charles Lipson told The Examiner: “Mainstream Democrats got kicked in the crotch pretty hard during the last election over the ‘defund the police’ strategy.” He added: “What you saw in the last election was the elephant going over the cliff, but you hadn’t heard the splat. What you’re hearing now is the splat.”

The president has attempted to alleviate concerns that he is not serious about tackling crime. However, the fact that his administration’s response to the heightened crime rates was to push for more gun-control measures instead of real solutions seems to have detracted from this effort.

Even further, the victory of New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams in the Democratic primaries is another indicator that the far left’s messaging on law enforcement is falling on deaf ears. Adams ran a decidedly pro-police “law and order” campaign that resonated with residents of the city.

Will They Ever Learn?

The Democrats’ milquetoast response to crime amid a rising homicide rate and their weak defense of parts of CRT being introduced in the classroom appears to be having a devastating impact on their efforts to influence the American public. It is becoming more evident that public opinion is not on the side of those pushing radical woke theology and half-baked law enforcement measures.

But it’s worth asking: Do Democrats truly realize the mistake they made? The moderate faction seems to have anticipated this backlash. Shortly after Biden took office, it slammed the progressive wing for pushing the “defund the police” campaign. However, the far left’s influence over the party is still considerable, even if not absolute.

Left-wing activists championing CRT in the classroom and military are alienating American voters who might otherwise be open to supporting them. Likewise, pushing for fewer police officers on the streets will likely alienate many black voters, 81% of whom support having law enforcement in their neighborhoods. It is clear that the hard left is out of touch with the people whose support they need. But has this ever stopped them before?

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