July 2, 2022

Why Should It be OK to Decline the Vaccine? Ask Kamala Harris

Doctor Anthony Fauci, who at some point will surely win an Emmy for his television portrayal of a world-leading epidemiologist, is a very busy man these days. One would think that he is working feverishly to find a cure for the virus that ravaged the globe in 2020 and continues today to ravage parts of it. But no. Instead, the good doctor is devoting all his energy to giving as many television interviews as he can. His singular purpose? To frighten and demonize every American who is reluctant to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Anthony Fauci feature

Anthony Fauci

But surely, one might say, Fauci doesn’t need to be devoting his time to finding a cure for this virus since one already exists in the form of the aforementioned vaccines. The truth, of course, is that there is no permanent cure for coronavirus. The existing vaccines assure no guarantee of protection against it and what protection they do provide is temporary. If vaccines were permanent solutions, then people would not need to get a flu shot every year.

Fauci has insisted in the past that those who speak out against his advice are actually against science. Yet, neither he nor any of those who interview him incessantly on the alphabet news networks want to reminisce about one of the first and most prominent COVID-19 anti-vaxxers; Kamala Harris.

Kamala Harris, the Coronavirus O.G.

Now, a lot of people – or some people, or a few people, or that one bloke going into Subway – no doubt believe that Harris is one smart lady. And, after all, a recent study from MIT has concluded that “vaccine hesitancy” is quite often “highly informed,” “scientifically literate,” and “sophisticated.” So, perhaps Kamala was onto something when in October of 2020 she asserted that there was one thing that would make her refuse to take a coronavirus vaccine. “If Donald Trump tells us that we should take it, I’m not taking it,” Harris said during a vice presidential debate.

Now, for context, it should be pointed out that Harris did say she would be “first in line” for a vaccine if it was recommended by health experts – though she then qualified that assertion by pointing out that President Trump’s approval would be enough to make her decline the shot.

Picture this scenario: a vaccine is developed. Health experts approve it and recommend that people take it. Harris starts rolling up her sleeve but then, just at that moment, Trump appears on TV to address the nation, urging everybody to get vaccinated. Kamala rolls down her sleeve in a huff and storms out of the hospital, putting politics before science, just as she pledged to do.

Reasonable Reasons Not to Do It


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When Harris made that statement about Trump and the as-yet undeveloped vaccines, she was, perhaps unconsciously, admitting that she estimated the likelihood of her dying from COVID-19 was small enough to allow her to make a political statement; refusing the jab purely because the president she so despised had recommended it.

Was Joe Biden’s deputy so wrong to make that calculation? No, she was not. Had she contracted the virus – which she now may possibly have, thanks, ironically, to members of her own party from Texas – there is very little chance indeed that it would kill her and probably not much chance that it would even make her seriously ill. Good for her. She believed that it was her individual right to refuse a vaccination for no other reason than that a politician she did not trust had urged her to take it.

Who else has the right to decline the vaccine? Everyone – that’s who. Many will refuse it on medical grounds. As Liberty Nation has pointed out on several occasions, these vaccines have undergone no long-term trials and they are not, as yet, even approved by the FDA – though whether that particular agency should be trusted at all is a whole ‘nother story. And then there are the documented facts that some people who are fully vaccinated have subsequently tested positive for COVID-19. A significant number of people who took the vaccine – not the majority; not even close but, still, a large number – have experienced serious adverse effects and although the so-called experts do not want to admit it, there is a possibility that some of these vaccines have caused fatalities.

There is only a very small chance that one might die as a result of being vaccinated against COVID-19, but then again, there’s only a very small chance that one might die as a result of contracting the said virus. It is one thing to refuse vaccination out of concerns for its safety but quite another to decline for personal health reasons. No matter how hard the experts, drug companies, politicians, and social media platforms work to convince people the vaccines are safe, those who suffer from a variety of pre-existing conditions may be reticent to get vaccinated.

Suspicions, Conspiracies, and Free Will

Certainly, there are people who refuse to get vaccinated purely because the Biden administration and the Democrats are urging them to do so; even threatening ways to force them into it. It sounds a lot like those people are resisting the jab for the very same reason Kamala Harris gave for potentially turning it down.

Then, there are those who refuse vaccinations, not for any political reasons, but just because they have an individual right not to be vaccinated. My body, my choice, they might be thinking.

And finally of course there is another group of people who have likely determined not to get vaccinated because the desperation with which the authorities are trying to make every single person accept it reeks of sinister motives. After all, the World Health Organization has previously claimed that it is through vaccination that countries will achieve herd immunity – and herd immunity does not require that every single individual is vaccinated; only a majority.

The harder politicians and health “experts” push, the more people are likely to resist; the more they threatened to exclude the unvaccinated from society, the more suspicious people will become that there are other agendas at play.

At this point, it is not about politics, or shouldn’t be. It is not about conspiracy theories surrounding these vaccines and it’s not even about whether they really are safe or not. It is about the basic human right to choose not to have chemicals pumped into one’s body to protect one against a very survivable virus. Kamala Harris knew this and so does every rational American – probably even that one bloke coming out of Subway.

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