Joe Biden made one slip-up that led to utter disaster

Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s speeches are always embarrassing and terrible. But ones as important as these people hoped would be better.

But Joe Biden made one slip-up that led to utter disaster.

On Thursday night, Joe Biden gave an important speech from the Oval Office regarding the state of the war in the Middle East.

However, in true Biden form, the speech was an absolute disaster and Joe Biden once again made people wonder how he ever got elected as president of the greatest country in the world.

During the speech, which was designed to inform and update the nation regarding to the war in Israel, Joe Biden dropped the ball numerous times.

He tried to direct the narrative back towards Ukraine and how funding the war in Ukraine was in the best interest of America.

He also proposed more funding for Israel which is facing constant attacks from Hamas and other radical terrorist groups.

During this speech, Joe Biden highlighted one of his biggest weaknesses (besides remembering his own name): foreign policy.

Joe Biden’s foreign policies have been an absolute disaster for America and many argue that Joe Biden is responsible for so many of the failed foreign issues since he took office.

Joe Biden refused to address how he plans to avoid issues and wars like this in the future.

He also failed to provide any sort of solution other than sending billions in taxpayer aid to foreign countries while leaving America completely open to attack.

Biden made generic comments that didn’t mean anything such as:

“There is nothing beyond our capacity if we do it together. Hamas and Putin represent different threats, but this is what they have in common, they both want to annihilate neighboring democracies.”

Biden also did not even once mention the attacks on American troops in Iraq and Syria over the past few days, and he did not even acknowledge an issue.

Over the course of 48, American troops in Syria and Iraq were targeted and attacked 7 times and Biden did not even mention them once.

To his credit, Biden did however speak out against the attack on the hospital and reiterated that it was NOT Israel who bombed the hospital.

He made this statement even while many of his Radical allies claimed that Israel targeted a hospital on purpose.

However, making a truthful statement should not be the bar for the President of the United States.

The President of the United States needs to be someone who will have strong policies and understand foreign affairs… neither of which Biden has.

America needs a strong leader and one who will put America first and defend her and her troops.

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