Joe Biden crossed the line with this insane attack on Trump and DeSantis


President Biden has been trying to play offense for the past few months. It’s obvious he’s desperate to save his administration and the Democrats from their sinking ship.

But Joe Biden just crossed the line with this disgusting attack on Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis.

With the hotly contested midterm elections right around the corner, tensions are flaring up as both Democrats and Republicans are anxious to control Congress.

The Democrat Party is getting particularly defensive as they’ve had to answer for the failures of the Biden administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress.

Those failures have led to what’s being rumored as a major Republican wave midterm cycle where the odds are now in the GOP’s favor to take back control of both chambers of Congress.

Combine that with the fact that governor mansions that are supposed to stay deep blue could go Red, like New York, and it’s easy to see why Democrats are in panic mode.

And then, of course, they are more than likely set to lose the White House in 2024 with Biden’s approval ratings in the toilet.

Needless to say, the world is falling apart for Democrats as their power could be stripped away starting this year.

So it’s not surprising to see Democrats get extremely defensive right now, and that’s exactly what President Biden has done. But he’s crossed the line this time around.

Appearing in Florida for an event for the Democrat running for Governor in Florida against the wildly popular Ron DeSantis, Biden made several attacks aimed at the Republicans like usual.

He described the GOP as a bunch of radicals saying it “ain’t your father’s Republican party,” which is truly ironic considering he belongs to the Democrat Party which is unrecognizable from the Democrat Party of just 15 years ago.

But he took it a step further. Not long ago, Crist described his opponent as satan, giving him the nickname “DeSatan.”

Biden hearkened that sentiment at his event for Crist in Florida, describing “Donald Trump incarnate,” as if to refer to Trump as satan and DeSantis as a reincarnation of satan.

The gross insult came as Biden attacked DeSantis for defending Floridian minors from the LGBTQ+ radicals who want to indoctrinate them with their woke gender ideologies.

Biden also continued to lie about Republicans and conservatives, arguing that “nobody in that party condemns” the attacks on Paul Pelosi.

These attacks from a sitting President are unprecedented for the modern political scene, but they sadly line up with Biden’s behavior over the past few months.

Joe Biden and his White House have made it their mission to demonize Trump voters and “MAGA Republicans” as the ultimate threat to our society simply because they disagree with the Orwellian Left.

So it’s not hard to see why they would attack Trump and DeSantis as literally being satan.

It’s their only defense mechanism as they watch their power fall through their fingers this November.

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