Tucker Carlson just got hit with a broadside by this Democrat agent

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson’s show is the most watched on cable news. The Left believes they have found exactly how to end his career.

And Tucker Carlson just got hit with a broadside by this Democrat agent.

Democrats have spent years attempting to have Tucker Carlson’s hit Fox News show canceled, despite the fact that it is the most viewed primetime television news show in existence.

Despite Democrats’ greatest efforts, anti-Carlson campaigns have failed.

In the aftermath of a tragedy, one MSNBC contributor devised a new strategy to bring Carlson down.

Following the deadly massacre at a Colorado Springs LGBT nightclub, the Left immediately began politicizing the tragedy.

Democrats attempted to blame the shooting on Tucker Carlson and freshly re-elected conservative firebrand Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

Carlson and Rep. Boebert have long been vocal opponents of the government’s efforts to indoctrinate children with radical transgenderism and sexualized drag queen presentations.

Left-wing radicals wrongly claim that their resistance to this radical ideology is solely to blame for violence against the LGBT community.

During a Deadline interview, MSNBC national security analyst Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI assistant director, urged that Rep. Boebert and Carlson be sued if the gunman was a “consumer” of Fox News or the Republican Congresswoman.

Figliuzzi praised law authorities for charging the alleged shooter with a hate crime.

“That means they know this was a biased crime,” Figliuzzi said. “This is likely since we’ve heard reports that the subject isn’t cooperative with police, that means they likely found clear and convincing evidence on his devices.”

He asserted that Carlson and Boebert, not the shooter, should be held accountable for the shooter’s acts.

“If he’s a consumer of the people we just rattled off, from Lauren Boebert to Tucker Carlson, let’s get it out,” Figliuzzi said. “Let’s get it out at trial. Let’s expose it for what it is, name it, and shame it. He is a consumer of these people, and those people should face civil consequences from the victims.”

If the Left is consistent about anything, it is that they never let a tragedy go to waste.

The Colorado Springs tragedy has been used to try to bring down Tucker Carlson and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert for simply opposing the Left’s radical gender ideas.

Such a case against the couple would never be heard in a court of law, but Figliuzzi knows that, and is only demonstrating that the Left would go to any length to silence conservatives.

Figliuzzi went on to say that the incident demonstrated why schools should teach Critical Race Theory and radical gender ideology in order to keep children from developing “hate.”

Earlier this year, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) attempted to blame Tucker Carlson for a mass massacre in Buffalo, New York.

Democrats are attempting to suppress Tucker Carlson by falsely claiming that his show is inciting violence.

The tragedy in Colorado Springs demonstrates that the Left’s attempt to politicize a tragedy for political advantage is futile.

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