AOC brutally attacked in NY by opponent and politicians are shocked

Politics can be very dangerous. Especially for people as controversial as AOC.

And now, AOC was brutally attacked in NY by an opponent and it has left politicians speechless.

Ramses Frias, a candidate for the New York Assembly in District 39, is making an effort to draw attention to the appalling circumstances afflicting a Queens neighborhood that falls under the congressional district of New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Walking around the neighborhood’s streets, Frias captured the unsettling reality in a video that was only made available to Fox News.

In the video, an array of illicit vendors can be seen selling everything from toys and picture frames to clothes and sneakers.

Frias bemoaned the absence of responsibility towards these sellers, claiming that they operate with impunity and occupy public spaces without facing any repercussions.

Frias told Fox News Digital, “Like most of my like-minded residents, we see this as a third-world market.”

“Basically, you just see clothes thrown across the floor … the items are stolen from donation bins or stolen from stores, and they just set up shop outside brick-and-mortar businesses. They take away trade from these businesses and don’t pay taxes,” Frias said.

While AOC and the Radical Left pretend like they care about people, these videos and this proof speak much louder than the hollow words of a politician.

Is this what we have let America become?

Are we really going to sit back idly and let the Radical Left continue destroying this great nation?

Frias opened the eyes of many Americans as to what Radical Left leadership actually looks like.

He told Fox News that there is blatant and unhidden prostitution in many parts of the area and at all times during the day.

“They do whatever they please, they are open about it and not discreet,” said Frias.

“They line up all along 90th street in front of a pizzeria, a 99-cent store and just try to pull men. You’ll see multiple women in scantily clad clothing. Now it’s cold, they are a bit covered up, but it will get worse in the summer.”

Frias was once a Democrat, but the leadership of the Radical Left has helped him understand that the Left does not care about this country.

He has now even been endorsed for the New York State Assembly by New York City Mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa.

Frias said, “I have lived here my whole life, I’ve seen the changes go from good, too bad to worse, and it’s at that peak of worse right now, and I don’t want it to go past that.”

We cannot sit here and allow this madness to take over our great nation.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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