Biden made these inappropriate remarks that shocked everyone

Joe Biden is known for saying some outrageous things. Now it appears he has taken it too far yet again.

And Biden made these inappropriate remarks that shocked everyone.

Joe Biden has made a number of shocking remarks during his time in public office, but they have gotten increasingly more embarrassing since he has been president.

Sometimes Joe Biden seems to have a hard time forming any coherent words, other times his speeches make no sense, and more recently his remarks have just been not the right time or place.

When visiting Maui, he tried to garner sympathy from the crowd by mentioning a small kitchen fire that had burned parts of his house when he was younger.

He made these remarks while standing in front of a burned town in in front of residents who had lost their entire livelihoods.

More recently, Biden made some interesting remarks during a Labor Day speech in Pennsylvania.

Instead of giving a coherent speech or celebrating the work of Americans, he resorted to trying to insult Trump and made some outrageous claims that actually backfired.

Joe Biden claimed that his predecessor, Trump, “didn’t build a d-mn thing.”

Joe Biden spoke in the swing state of Pennsylvania, a notoriously working-class state, and attempted to garner support by attacking Trump instead of providing any real solution or garnering any sort of inspiration.

“The last guy here, he didn’t build a d-mn thing. Under my predecessor, ‘Infrastructure Week’ became a punchline. On my watch, infrastructure means a decade, and it’s a headline,” Biden said.

Biden even tried to claim that Trump exported jobs to China when he was president.

“When the last guy was here, you were shipping jobs to China. Now we’re bringing jobs home from China,” Biden claimed. “When the last guy was here, your pensions were at risk. We helped save millions of pensions with your help.”

However, Trump actually took a very strong stance to keep jobs in China and not export them to foreign countries.

It is ironic that the president who halted the Keystone pipeline instantly cut jobs for thousands of working-class Americans as one of his first acts as president, should criticize Trump’s job economy.

Biden is also giving countless jobs away to illegal aliens and taking income, jobs, and benefits from Americans in attempts to flood America even more with immigrants.

Biden is constantly making comments that are either completely untrue, or just make no sense.

Joe Biden has no idea what he is talking about, and many Americans see right through his lies.

They want a President who will spend time fixing America instead of insulting former Presidents while making the economy worse.

Biden needs to go.

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