Biden proposes horrific new resolution that leaves Americans and world infuriated

Joe Biden has made so many horrible decisions they cannot be counted. But of all things, this one is awful.

Because Biden has proposed a horrific new resolution that has left Americans and the world infuriated.

Joe Biden and the current corrupt administration have come up with the idea to draft a resolution calling for a temporary “ceasefire” in Israel.

At the UN Security Council, Joe Biden will demand that Israel not attack the last few Hamas battalions in Gaza.

However, Israel has remained steadfast and adamant that they must attack the Hamas troops in Rafah.

Rafah is a city on the southern border of Gaza and Egypt, and Israel maintains that they must march on it to win the war.

The White House, for its part, has declared publicly that it will not support an attack on Rafah, at least without evacuating the civilians first.

But, even when Israel promised a plan to evacuate civilians, Biden and his administration say that they oppose an Israeli operation in Gaza.

Even though Biden has sent hundreds and hundreds of billions to Ukraine, as well as asking for even more, Israel continues to feel alone.

The Biden administration continues to lash out and send out hateful and destructive anti-Israel messages such as refusing to back them in this last push to fight off the terror organization.

They refuse to back them even after Israel led a successful raid last Monday that led to two hostages being freed.

Biden wants Hamas to survive.

He wants to horrible terrorist organization to prosper and he wants to force Israel to accept a Palestinian state.

Even though the US says it will veto any permanent ceasefire, they still are calling for a “temporary” ceasefire.

Anti-Israel and anti-Jewish sentiments continue to pour out across the world coming from those on the Radical Left.

We cannot allow for this harm to continue.

We cannot let our corrupt and Radical government dictate what Israel does to protect themselves.

We must stand up and fight back against the oppression.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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