Democrat leader sends stark warning that threw the entire party into chaos

The Democrat party is falling apart as more and more Democrats realize the truth about Biden. And the situation is almost impossible for them to turn around.

And now a Democrat leader sent a stark warning that threw the entire party into chaos.

In a scathing rebuke of President Biden’s immigration policies, Rep. Henry Cuellar (a Democrat from Texas) painted a dire picture of a border “ignored” by the White House and a Democratic Party rapidly losing voters over its open-door approach.

Appearing on CNN’s “OutFront” Wednesday, Cuellar, whose district encompasses a swathe of the US-Mexico border, unleashed a torrent of frustration with the administration’s handling of the crisis, accusing it of “listening too much to the immigration activists” and leaving border communities reeling from the consequences.

Cuellar’s blunt assessment comes after nearly a year of radio silence from the White House, a stark contrast to his years of experience navigating the complexities of border security. His message: the current system is broken, and its dysfunction is costing Democrats dearly.

“We’re losing Democrats,” Cuellar declared, highlighting the growing dissent within his own party. “They feel that the Democratic Party, that the President is not doing enough, and we’re going to lose a lot of Democrats.”

This isn’t mere speculation; it’s a palpable fear echoing across the country, fueled by record-breaking migrant inflows and a surge in crime tied to border crossings.

The Congressman offered a clear-eyed diagnosis of the problem: mass processing without consequence. “We’re good at processing people,” he admitted, “but we’ve got to go back to what worked.”

Under past administrations, he pointed out, deterrents like expedited deportations kept the flow manageable.

Today, however, the promise of an asylum hearing acts as a magnet, incentivizing illegal crossings and emboldening cartels.

The result? A perfect storm of chaos. Border communities bear the brunt, witnessing their resources strained and public safety jeopardized.

Meanwhile, Democrats across the nation watch with growing unease, their values of law and order seemingly forgotten in the face of unchecked migration.

But Cuellar’s message isn’t one of mere opposition; it’s a call for pragmatism. He seeks a solution that balances compassion with order, one that protects both migrants and American citizens.

“We want to see law and order at the border and still treat the migrants with respect and dignity,” he asserted. “But they’ve got to follow the rules.”

His solution is simple yet powerful: detain, process, and deport those who fail to meet legal requirements.

It’s a system proven effective in past decades, one that respects both our laws and the dignity of migrants, without sacrificing national security or border communities’ well-being.

The question, as Cuellar poignantly asked, is whether Biden has the “willingness” to act.

Does he prioritize the concerns of border communities and those Democrats disillusioned by his soft-touch approach, or will he continue bowing to the demands of activists while ignoring the bleeding wound on his southern border?

The clock is ticking. Democrats are hemorrhaging votes, and public safety hangs in the balance.

It’s time for Biden to open his eyes, heed the alarm bells from his own party, and finally turn off the faucet at the border before it’s too late.

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