High-profile Democrat says the quiet part out loud with this embarrassing slip of the tongue

Speeches can make or break a politician’s career. One wrong move and it’s all over.

And a high-profile Democrat says the quiet part out loud with this embarrassing slip of the tongue.

Democrats have a major problem: lying.

They try to lie their way out of everything, and unfortunately a lot of the time it works.

But now, NYC Mayor Eric Adams has accidentally exposed a major conspiracy the Democrats have been working on.

During a recent speaking engagement, Mayor Adams admitted to the public that the migrant crisis “will destroy New York City.”

Even as the left tries to claim anyone who opposes completely open borders is xenophobic, now even Democrats are pushing back.

Mayor Adams told the public that he was not one to give up and that he never didn’t see an issue come to a solution.

But he admitted that this problem was one problem that he didn’t see a solution or ending to.

Democrats have been covering up the issue and hiding the truth from the public for years.

They want to convince the world that there is no problem in America, and that the tens of thousands of immigrants flooding America illegally are actually good for America.

But now, Mayor Adams has had to throw in the towel.

He, along with countless other prominent Democrat leaders, have had to admit defeat and beg for help from the Federal Government.

And what has Biden done? Well, he has allowed even more immigrants in and flooded these cities and states even more.

Chicago, Massachusetts, New York, and other cities and states have been begging for more assistance for months now, and the problem is only getting worse.

Biden denies any issues with immigrants and border security at all, but his own allies are turning on him and exposing his dark secrets.

Democrats and the Radical Left want to see America fall.

Democrats paint anyone who opposes their no-rules, no-borders approach as terrible people who hate immigrants.

But what are they going to do now that their own have started opposing them as well?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics as we report on the Truth.

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