Key Democrat figure attacked over suspected voter fraud

Democrats and voter fraud go hand in hand. But nonetheless, people were shocked to learn of this.

And a key Democrat figure has been attacked over suspected voter fraud.

Voting integrity is something that Republicans have been fighting for hard for years.

But in every direction they turn, it seems the Radical Left continues to oppose safe, secure, and honest elections.

They seem to understand that if Americans were given the chance to fair elections, no politicians on the Radical Left would ever be elected.

And now, Jocelyn Benson, the Democratic secretary of state of Michigan, was sued on Wednesday by the Republican National Committee, who claimed that her office had not kept up-to-date voter records.

Voters who are not eligible to vote can cast ballots because of election integrity being compromised by mismanagement, according to the RNC lawsuit.

The RNC is alleging that Benson disregarded the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA).

RNC Chairman Michael Whatley said, “Election integrity starts with clean voter rolls, and that’s why the National Voter Registration Act requires state officials to keep their rolls accurate and up-to-date.”

She added that “Jocelyn Benson has failed to follow the NVRA, leaving Michigan with inflated and inaccurate voter rolls ahead of the 2024 election.”

The complaint claims that there are more active registered voters than adult residents over the age of 18 in at least 53 counties in Michigan.

The RNC claims that after 2020, when only one county had a registration rate above 100%, the number of counties with such a percentage skyrocketed.

According to the lawsuit, 23 counties have voter registration rates of over 90% of eligible individuals, which is much higher than the state and national averages.

“The RNC and its members are concerned that Defendants’ failure to comply with the NVRA’s voter-list maintenance obligations undermines the integrity of elections by increasing the opportunity for ineligible voters or voters intent on fraud to cast ballots,” states the lawsuit.

The suit says, “Michigan’s impossibly high registration rates, large rates of inactive registered voters, low numbers of address confirmations, and low numbers of removals indicate an ongoing, systemic problem with its voter list maintenance effort violates federal law and jeopardizes the integrity of the State’s upcoming elections.”

The lawsuit, which was filed in the Western District of Michigan U.S. District Court, claims that Census Bureau data was used to determine the registration rates.

It was filed a few days after the RNC’s new leadership, supported by former President Donald Trump, took over.

Given that polls indicate a close race between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Michigan will be one of the crucial states to watch in November.

Because of demonstrations by communities with a majority of Muslims against Biden’s handling of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, his popularity in the state has dropped significantly.

Many Americans are extremely suspicious that this battleground state is where so much voter fraud seems to be happening.

Secretary of State Benson has attempted to deflect and said, “Let’s call this what it is: a PR campaign masquerading as a meritless lawsuit filled with baseless accusations that seek to diminish people’s faith in the security of our elections. Shame on anyone who abuses the legal process to sow seeds of doubt in our democracy.”

However, we the people know the truth and we will not stop until we can trust in our election system again.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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