New threat to US citizens in liberal city has Americans outraged and terrified

It has become increasingly clear that the Left hates American citizens. They have demonstrated that they are willing to do whatever it takes to make American’s lives miserable.

But now, a new threat to US citizens in a liberal city has left Americans outraged and terrified.

The city of Boston says it no longer has space to accommodate new illegal aliens, so a former veterans’ housing facility will be converted into an asylum for the newest wave of arrivals.

Fox News reports that the former Veterans Home in Chelsea will be turned into a “safety-net site.”

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey had stated that the building was scheduled to be torn down following the establishment of a larger veterans center on Powder Horn Hill.

In order to be removed from government assistance, undocumented immigrants will need to demonstrate at the shelter that they are employed by obtaining work permits, looking for permanent residence, and taking English language classes.

“We have said for months now that our system is at capacity, and we do not have the space, providers, or funding to continue expanding,” Emergency Assistance Director Scott Rice stated in a statement.

“This new certification policy is a responsible step to address the capacity constraints at our safety-net sites. Families will need to demonstrate that they’ve taken action to get on a path toward independence and out of shelter.”

The Daily Mail reports that the location will open in April and house 100 families that qualify for the state’s family shelter program for emergency assistance.

For months, this system has been running at full capacity.

Residents of the state, where 545 veterans were homeless on any given night in 2023, are outraged by the decision.

“Is it just me, or is there something wrong with putting migrants in the Chelsea Soldiers Home instead of homeless veterans?” asked Dick McGrath, a local resident.

“I can’t believe the Chelsea soldiers home which is for the Vets is going to [be] used for the immigrants overflow,” said George Belmonte.

“How about taking care of the homeless Vets first? I am all for helping people but how about taking care of those already here and homeless.”

The new rules for state safety-net sites will go into effect on May 1st, as stated by Healey’s office on March 25.

“Families will be permitted to remain at sites as long as they continue to engage these services and activities,” the office of Healey stated.

240 families are presently residing in safety-net sites throughout the state, while 7,500 more people are housed in emergency shelters.

The 400-person capacity of the state’s newest emergency shelter, which is in Roxbury, was reached in just one week.

Dr. Jon Santiago, the secretary of Veterans Services, stated that veteran services will not be impacted by the site’s opening.

“Massachusetts has proven that we can take care of veterans and families experiencing homelessness in our state. While EOVS formerly operated the building slated for demolition, this project operates independently and will not impact the daily routines or services at the Massachusetts Veterans Home at Chelsea.”

Though clearly, residents of the area feel totally different.

Once again, the Left has proven that they care far more for the illegals flooding this country than they do about their own citizens.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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