Adam Schiff’s day of reckoning arrives in a big way

Democrat House Representative Adam Schiff is a disgrace. He’s abused his power unlike anyone else.

But Adam Schiff’s day of reckoning has arrived in a big way.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) may soon have some genuine issues of his own as he gloats and grins about the arraignment of former and possibly future President Donald Trump in Miami earlier on Tuesday for his handling of secret papers.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) has introduced a resolution to censure and penalize Schiff for advancing the “Russia collusion” narrative and has also proposed a motion to eject her Democratic colleague from the House of Representatives.

The two lawmakers are back in the spotlight after Luna brought a motion to reprimand Schiff to the floor on Tuesday. The representative has a video of her reading the resolution listing the offenses for which Schiff would be censured and fined posted as the pinned tweet on her campaign account.

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) has tweeted his enthusiasm for a vote on the issue, indicating that the GOP leadership is eager to move through with a vote.

The vote is anticipated in the near future.

The Democrats are considering their options to avoid being censured. To do so, they would have to make a procedural motion to table the proposal, which would need a majority vote in a house where the Republicans hold a majority.

On Tuesday, CNN obtained a letter from Schiff to his Democratic colleagues in which he pleaded for their support while attempting to sound eloquent.

In it, he bemoaned that the country, our democracy, and the credibility of the House of Representatives will all suffer as a result of the mere “consideration” of the resolution. His argument continued that this “is not only a terrible misuse of House precedent and resources, but a clear attack on our constitutional system of checks and balances.”

The troubled congressman has also used the congresswoman’s resolution as a fundraising opportunity in a number of tweets shared from his campaign account.

So that he could further play the victim card, Schiff went on to say that the resolution “takes issue with me for investigating Donald Trump, for impeaching him, for getting the first bipartisan vote to convict a president in U.S. history.”

Schiff said his detractors “hope he will back down,” but he’s not going anywhere and “will never back down.” Schiff shifts to claiming that others are being singled out, saying that Luna and others are “trying to intimidate anyone else in the future from speaking out against the twice impeached, now twice indicted, disgraced former president.”

At the end, Schiff repeats the key talking point of the Democratic Party, saying, “This is an attack on our democracy.” However, he continues, “it’s an attack on me and the institution of Congress,” despite the fact that the motion to censure is being brought forth by House members themselves.

Schiff also tweeted a video of himself bragging to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Republicans brought the legislation out of fear.

Prudent Politics will keep you updated on the developments in the vote to censure Adam Schiff.

UPDATE: The vote to censure Schiff failed in the U.S. House by a vote of 225-196 as 20 Republicans decided to defend Schiff from consequences for his reckless abuse of his position of power. House Republicans are planning another vote in the coming weeks.

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