Top Democrat accused of this violent crime by their husband

Nothing can send a politician’s career down in flames like a good scandal. But this one takes the cake.

Because a top Democrat was accused of this violent crime by their husband.

America has seen plenty of politicians with their fair share of scandals over the years.

Bill Clinton’s famous liaison with Monica Lewinsky…

Hillary Clinton’s private email server that put classified information at risk…

And, of course, the Watergate scandal which took down former President Richard Nixon.

But even through all of it, there hasn’t been one so bizarre as what is making headlines.

Matt Hoffman, Rep. Katie Porter’s ex-husband, accused the congresswoman of hitting him in the arm hard enough to cause “a large bruise” and claimed she said he was “too dumb” to have a cellphone.

Hoffman also alleged that she dumped a pot of hot potatoes on his head.

Rep. Porter has vehemently denied any wrongdoing, and has instead focused on her own allegations that Hoffman was abusive toward her.

The allegations were revealed in their divorce papers filed in August 2013. Porter also filed domestic violence charges and a restraining order against Hoffman, who was arrested following a fight.

“This common defensive tactic is designed to intimidate a victim. Her then-husband later admitted, as evidenced by the attached document, that ‘he regretted making these allegations,’” she added.

Porter is being scrutinized anew after announcing her candidacy for Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) Senate seat in 2024. Former Porter workers have stated that she creates a terrible work atmosphere.

A Navy veteran who worked for Porter, for example, claimed that the congresswoman rejected sexual harassment complaints made by another worker and made improper racial comments.

Sasha Georgiades, a Wounded Warrior fellow who worked for Porter for two years, also said that the California Democrat sharply chastised her aides and punished her at the end of the fellowship for exposing Porter to COVID-19.

Porter’s spokeswoman denied that the expose was the reason for his demotion:

“This former employee was not fired. She was a fellow in our office, and weeks before she breached COVID protocol in July, we had already mutually agreed on an end date in August 2022,” the spokesperson wrote.

“Congresswoman Porter was informing her that she would work from home for the remaining three weeks of her fellowship.”

Reps. Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Barbara Lee (D-CA) are the other House Democrats vying for Feinstein’s seat. Feinstein announced her decision not to run for reelection in February.

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