Kamala Harris got news from Tucker Carlson that changed her life forever

Kamala Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris is walking on thin ice. Her own party doesn’t like her.

And Kamala Harris just got news from Tucker Carlson that changed her life forever.

Joe Biden keeps delaying the news of his re-election.

Biden’s repeated postponement of the start of his re-election campaign has fueled rumors that he may withdraw from the 2024 race after concluding that running for president until he is 86 is simply not a realistic option.

Tucker Carlson discussed how Democrats would react if Biden decided not to seek reelection, making history since Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1968.

54 percent of Democrats, according to a recent CNN survey, want a different candidate in 2024.

However, it is no longer a hypothetical scenario if Biden steps down in 2024.

According to Carlson, Democrats would have the opportunity to indulge in their woke identity politics and nominate Kamala Harris for President if Biden decides not to run in 2024.

“Well, if you were a rational person who took them at their word, you would assume the Party, the Democratic Party, would replace Joe Biden with someone who embodies their highest values. You imagine a trans-black woman with a background in corporate H.R. or a Latinx drag queen with purple hair,” Carlson said with a little bit of a joking tone.

But Kamala Harris is even less well-liked than Joe Biden.

Every senior Democrat is aware that if they support Harris, they are effectively giving up the 2024 race and ensuring that Trump or whoever wins the Republican nomination will retake the White House.

Carlson predicted that Democrats will follow their successful plan from 2020 and choose a heterosexual, white guy who the middle class would not view as a danger.

“But no. In fact, no chance. That would be principled and therefore, they will never do it. Nominating someone you say you support? No. When Biden leaves or more likely is shoved aside, they’re going to nominate another straight white man who loves the big banks, someone even oilier and faker, than Joe Biden.” Carlson went on.

According to Carlson, such candidate would be Gavin Newsom, governor of California.

In recent weeks, Newsom has made attempts to increase his national reputation.

In order to “protect democracy” and reject MAGA candidates, Newsom declared he was organizing a group.

Additionally, Newsom made the trip to Florida to criticize Ron DeSantis for electing a new board at Florida New College with the intention of excluding woke philosophy from the institution.

A politician like Newsom would only be doing these actions if they knew the Party was positioning them to be Joe Biden’s backup in the event that he decides not to run in 2024.

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