Nikki Haley receives stunning upset that has her furious

The GOP primaries are underway, and as votes come in, many people are watching anxiously. But a strange situation happened in Nevada that has confused many.

And Nikki Haley has received a stunning upset that has her furious.

In a surprising twist, Nevada Republicans delivered a clear message in Tuesday’s primary, with Nikki Haley losing to “None of These Candidates.”

Preliminary projections show “none of the candidates” received the most votes, with Haley trailing by roughly 30 points.

However, the former United Nations Ambassador is technically declared the winner under Nevada’s election rules.

However, the outcome underscores a significant portion of Republican voters expressing dissatisfaction with the current field.

The primary, held simultaneously with a Democratic nominating contest, served to gauge support for presidential candidates but did not award delegates.

The real delegate battle unfolds Thursday in Nevada’s Republican caucus, where former President Donald Trump faces long-shot contender Ryan Binkley.

Governor Joe Lombardo previously announced his intention to vote “none of the candidates” in the primary, reflecting sentiments shared by many interviewed voters.

Washoe County GOP Chair Bruce Parks reportedly advised callers, including Trump supporters, to engage in the primary by selecting this option rather than Haley.

The Haley campaign downplayed the primary’s importance, citing its focus on the South Carolina primary later this month and criticizing the Nevada GOP process as “rigged for Trump.”

Haley’s campaign manager said, “We have not spent a dime nor an ounce of energy on Nevada. We made the decision early on that we were not going to pay $55,000 to a Trump entity to participate in a process that is rigged for Trump.”

Conversely, Trump advisor Chris LaCivita questioned Haley’s strategy, highlighting the importance of securing delegates in the caucus.

He said, “If your goal is to win the Republican nomination for president, you go where the delegates are. And it baffles me that Nikki Haley chose not to participate.”

The real battle in Nevada will go to Trump, but the “none of these options” vote shows how Americans across the nation feel.

The vote reflects internal GOP discontent as well as shows the support behind Trump, which will impact future primaries and the upcoming caucus.

The Nevada primary and caucus offer a unique glimpse into the complexities of the 2024 Republican nomination race.

While preliminary results provide immediate talking points, the delegate allocation contest in the caucus holds greater weight for determining the party’s eventual standard-bearer.

One thing is clear: Americans across the world are rallying behind Trump, and they believe he is the only one who can take down Crooked Joe.

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