Unsettling discovery at the southern border sent the White House into a frenzy

It is no secret that the border under Joe Biden is a complete disaster. But there might be even more than meets the eye.

And a new unsettling discovery at the southern border sent the White House into a frenzy.

Even as the Biden administration and those on the Racial Left claim the “border is secure”, the reality is that millions of illegal immigrants are flooding the border.

The economic consequences of Biden’s terrible policies have been ruining American’s lives, but the consequences are far worse than just economic damage.

In a massive bust, Florida authorities have arrested over 200 people in connection with a human trafficking ring, many of whom were in the country illegally.

The Biden administration has refused to secure the border, and as a result, human traffickers have been able to operate with impunity.

The Biden administration’s border policies are making the problem of human trafficking worse.

The administration has refused to build a wall on the southern border, and it has also ended Trump-era policies that made it more difficult for human traffickers to operate.

The Biden administration’s open border policies are not just a threat to national security, they are also a threat to public safety.

The Biden administration’s refusal to secure the border is putting all Americans at risk. Human traffickers are able to move freely across the border, and they are using the open border to bring in drugs and other contraband.

Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge that there is a problem at the border, and because of his harmful policies, he is directly responsible for this terrible human trafficking running rampant.

Human traffickers are taking advantage of Biden’s lax border security to help their trafficking rings cause more harm and destruction.

Popular conservative news site Townhall states that “the president’s open border policies have caused a violent war against women and children.”

Joe Biden and the Radical Left should be ashamed of the crimes that they are allowing to go uncontrolled.

Instead of focusing on things like green energy and banning gas stoves, Joe Biden should be focusing on securing America’s border to protect human life.

This is not a simple matter of more or less people in America, it extends farther than that and has gotten to the point where human lives are in danger because of Biden’s harmful policies.

Joe Biden and his radical administration need to be held accountable for the destruction they have allowed to thrive under their leadership.

The American people deserve better leadership and better administration and better security than Joe Biden.

America needs a strong president who will crack down against the influx of illegal immigrants that are harming our economy and our citizens.

It is time for Americans to step up and remove the radical communists from office.

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