CNN just gave Joe Biden the shock of his life with this epic betrayal

Joe Biden’s fortunes have clearly shifted. Biden can’t even rely on his most trusted allies.

And CNN just gave Joe Biden the shock of his life with this epic betrayal.

CNN exposed Joe Biden for stealing secret papers.

Even a dependable Swamp voice, David Gergen, who worked for four Presidents and is a staple in Washington, D.C. media, warned that this story would cause Biden massive electoral damage.

“How big a mess is this for the Biden administration?” host Anderson Cooper asked Gergen.

“It’s very, very big. Not legally, but politically, it’s a very, very big deal,” Gergen responded.

Gergen explained that while Biden had gained some momentum following the midterm elections, that impetus had vanished now that he was facing an all-consuming Special Counsel inquiry.

“This is a President that was marching upward for the first time in his Presidency. He got his numbers up. People are feeling better about the economy. There are all sorts of reasons to believe that he can now present himself–the fears that people like me have about how old he is and can he govern well? Those fears would be dissipated if he were able to stay on that track,” Gergen stated.

Cooper questioned why the Biden administration maintained claiming that stolen information had been discovered in different locations.

“You would think they might have just, you know, announced that all at once,” Cooper wondered.

Gergen said the obvious.

“That long delay in putting it out there is going to encourage people to believe, ‘What are they hiding?’” Gergen responded.

One month before the midterm elections, Biden’s lawyers discovered the first set of stolen documents.

However, Gergen was not the only CNN personality who slammed Biden over the controversy.

Jake Tapper, a former Democrat campaign operative and Joe Biden fan, derided the concept that his garage in Delaware was a secure storage facility for confidential data.

Many Americans were perplexed as to why CNN would abandon Biden after years of staunch support.

The polling data says it all.

If Republicans pick a conservative like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Joe Biden may not be able to win the 2024 election.

Democrats do not want to leave anything to chance, and this issue could be viewed as an opportunity to run a stronger candidate in 2024.

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