Kamala Harris will never live down the shame from this embarrassing act

Kamala Harris believed she was on the verge of a historic win. She was forced to face the harsh reality of one massive blunder.

And Kamala Harris will never live down the shame from this embarrassing act.

The most important function assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris by President Joe Biden is that of the regime’s “border czar.”

Under her watch, the Biden border crisis is out of control, with unprecedented volumes of illegal immigration.

Vice President Harris is avoiding visits to the border and has repeatedly asserted that “the border is secure.”

Instead of doing her job and guarding the border, Harris is stumbling around looking for the ostensible “root causes” of illegal immigration in Central America.

After months of seemingly doing nothing as the regime’s “border czar,” the Vice President attempted to conduct a victory lap during a press conference.

Private corporations are investing $4.2 billion in Central America for economic growth, gender fairness, green energy, and other regime priorities, according to Harris.

“These investments have created jobs, these investments have increased access to the financial system, including to the internet,” Harris said. “Our root causes strategy and these investments represent a long term development effort, but we are already beginning to see positive trends.”

Harris also stated that the Biden administration will spend an additional $956 million of your tax dollars in Central America, on top of the $3.2 billion already spent.

During the news conference, she attempted to claim that the number of illegal aliens encountered at the southern border had decreased in January.

While Harris asserted that there are “positive trends” at the border, the truth is much different.

Under President Biden, December was the worst month on record for illegal immigration, and in January, over 150,000 illegal aliens – nearly the population of a mid-sized city like Pasadena, California – were apprehended at the southern border.

Vice President Harris was lambasted by National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd when she attempted to pat herself on the back.

“This is nothing more than a political stunt,” Judd said. “We cannot control what happens in other countries. We can only control what happens here, and we’re not doing that.”

Transferring funds to Central America for progressive causes like as gender justice and green energy accomplishes little to address the current border problem, which is exacerbated by the Biden administration’s open border policy.

Previous presidential administrations attempted to stabilize Central America with little success.

Stephen Miller, one of the architects of previous President Donald Trump’s successful border security policy, believes the Vice President would simply exacerbate the situation.

“Sending more money to Central America — while leaving our border wide open — means more cash is available for illegal immigrants to pay their smugglers,” Miller told Fox News. “As long as the Administration continues to allow illegal immigrants to enter by the millions — from over one hundred countries — giving American cash to three nations in Central America is just a further accelerant to record illegal immigration.”

Kamala Harris’ ludicrous answer to the border situation will only add fuel to the flames.

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