Trump released a video that has Joe Biden in full panic mode

President Biden can’t believe what just happened. Trump is already four steps ahead of him.

Because Trump just released a video that has Joe Biden in full panic mode.

The 2024 election cycle is already well underway and it’s proving to be one of the hottest political atmospheres we’ve seen in recent history.

Polls show that Donald Trump is once again the leading candidate for the next Presidential election.

Joe Biden is underwater in a bad way and it’s only getting worse for him.

Biden’s approval ratings are so bad that the Democrat establishment were doing everything they could to try to get Joe Biden out of the 2024 picture, but ultimately failed.

Now Trump’s hitting Biden right where it hurts with a new ad that exposes just how bad of a position America is in under Joe Biden’s “leadership.”

A new political ad from the Donald Trump campaign is making the rounds that says that America is in “mourning” because of how bad Joe Biden has been.

The ad discusses Biden’s “disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” rampant inflation that’s ravaging Americans’ bank accounts, and much more.

Check out the ad below:

The best part of the ad is the way it ends with simply asking why Americans would “ever accept the incompetence and weakness of Biden” when we can enjoy the “prosperity” of the Donald Trump term once again.

Donald Trump’s only real obstacle remains to be Ron DeSantis at the time. Though polls show that he may be in the lead over DeSantis as well for the 2024 Republican nomination.

Either way, Joe Biden is in a really bad spot whether it’s Trump or DeSantis.

But it seems like Trump is already preparing to be the guy to take on Joe Biden once again and that preparation is exhibited in this great ad hitting Biden for his failures.

At the end of the day, Americans have historically cared about the economy more than any other issue when it’s time to go to the ballot box.

That’s an issue you can expect Trump to continue to hit Biden with over and over and over.

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