Prominent political voice makes chilling prediction about 2024 that you won’t believe

For years, many Americans have been concerned with the integrity of our elections. And over the past few months, more information has come out.

Now, a major political voice has made a chilling 2024 election prediction you won’t believe.

It is no secret that the past few years this nation has been under immense pressure, and the current administration in the White House is doing everything they can to make American lives miserable.

One of the worst crises the nation is currently facing, however, is the crisis at the border.

The nation is being flooded with tens of millions of illegal aliens because of Joe Biden’s failed policies. However, people are now starting to wonder if this massive influx of illegals is intentional.

Recently, more and more areas have been passing laws that allow illegal aliens to vote in elections, and Americans are outraged.

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow claimed that Biden is “is 100 percent importing voters.”

During a recent interview, Marlow said “Illegal aliens are already voting in local elections. Obviously, the intention is for them to vote in national elections.”

The Democrats know that the election in November is extremely crucial. If they want to keep destroying this nation, then they must first defeat Trump.

However, Biden’s approval ratings are at a record low, Americans are still living in poverty, Trump continues to raise more and more support, and millions of Americans are fleeing from the oppression of the Left.

It looks more and more likely that the chances of Biden defeating Trump in November are zero.

So, what does the Left do? Well instead of trying to pivot or campaign on promises of a better America, they are continuing to promise the destruction of America.

And of course, that means they are losing support by the tens of thousands. So if they refuse to pivot on their campaigning, and they are constantly losing support, how are they planning on defeating Trump?

Well, some people believe the answer is simple: the crisis at the border is intentional, and the Radical Left is flooding the nation with more and more Democrat voters.

Marlow mentioned, “A lot of them end up in the government system, where they’re getting food, they’re getting welfare, they’re getting healthcare through the government, and through that, they’re not going to vote for fewer benefits. They’re not going to vote for the people who could potentially cut spending, so they end up voting Democrat.”

He also highlighted that the children of these illegal immigrants will grow up and vote Democrat as well.

“And their children are going to end up voting — and they tend to vote Democrat.”

He added, “So this is absolutely a replacement of Americans with foreigners who tend to vote Democrat. And the reason is, conservatives have more children, liberals have fewer children.”

This is not a new worry for many Americans, but it has certainly become a new reality. While it is something that people have been worrying about for years because of the Left, it wasn’t until recently that Joe Biden actually acted on this plan.

And millions upon millions of illegal immigrants have entered this country because of Joe Biden and the Left, and when they take to the polls to vote, it will make a significant impact in how this election season plays out.

We must demand integrity in our elections.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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