Chuck Schumer makes disturbing statement regarding Speaker Johnson and Republicans are concerned

Democrat politicians are always saying or doing things that harm America. But now, people cannot believe this newest incident.

And Chuck Schumer has made a disturbing statement regarding Speaker Johnson and Republicans are concerned.

House Speaker Mike Johnson has faced many challenges already during his time as Speaker, but things have certainly been heating up during recent months.

During a time of such partisanship in politics, passing any law is a very difficult undertaking, and getting Democrats and Republicans to agree on things these days seems almost impossible.

But now, on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer boasted about how House Speaker Mike Johnson catered to Democratic demands for overseas aid packages.

According to a senior Republican official cited by Jack Posobiec of Human Events, Schumer “was just on the Senate floor bragging to other members about Speaker Johnson giving Democrats everything they wanted in the Ukraine and foreign aid packages.”

Posobiec stated that this package for the southern border has “nothing” on Human Events Daily on Wednesday.

“Not one penny of this should be spent. None of these bills should go forward and any Republican who thinks that they could sign these bills before we have anything for our border should be looking for a new line of work.”

Speaker Johnson declared on Wednesday that a vote on the recent package of foreign aid meant for Israel and Ukraine would take place in the House on Saturday.

This action is taken in spite of strong Republican efforts to block additional foreign aid.

According to the New York Times, the proposed measure is comparable to a $95 billion aid bill that was approved by the Senate two months ago and provided funding to Taiwan, Israel, Ukraine, and other countries.

Speaker Johnson has proposed that the House vote separately on aid allotments to specific nations in addition to calling a vote on the overall package.

Although Speaker Johnson has remained absolutely steadfast on other issues in the past, many Americans are concerned at Schumer’s recent comments.

The idea that Senate Democrats are getting exactly what they wanted is one that has American voters concerned about what the Left might be up to.

In a time of such polarity among politicians, it is certainly a goal to find common ground, but when the Senate majority leader states that Democrats have “everything they want” it is a concerning thought.

The American people want to ensure that our money is going to things that matter, and many Americans believe that we should spend more money protecting our own nation and our own citizens before giving away millions and billions to other countries.

And while the US certainly needs to support its allies, the idea that millions of Americans are suffering, our economy is in the toilet, and our border security is non-existent yet we still are sending away money is infuriating to many.

During times like this, we must ensure that we elect leaders who will put America first.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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