Disgusting act by this Democrat has Republicans scratching their heads

It is common knowledge that the Radical Left hates America and all she stands for. But no one expected them to take things this far.

Because now, a disgusting act by this Democrat has Republicans scratching their heads.

Pittsburgh police have announced modifications to their response rules, including the removal of officers from responding to calls that are not deemed “in-progress emergencies,” in an effort to manage resources from staffing shortages.

These calls would be related to theft, harassment, and alarms for break-ins.

WPXI Channel 11 reports that calls will instead be routed to a telephone recording unit where reports can be filed over the phone.

In addition, there will be no desk officers present at any of the city’s six police stations between 3 am and 7 am.

Only roughly twenty officers will be available for overnight shifts to cover the entire city during these hours.

During this time, there will be 911-linked call boxes available for emergencies.

Chief of Police Larry Scirotto of Pittsburgh has made an effort to reassure locals that these steps are adequate.

He underlined that the staffing strategy is made to take into account the scarce resources that are accessible during these late-night hours.

“There is not any data to support us having our zones manned by personnel from 3 am to 7 am. For the very one off instance I can’t make an exception,” Scirotto stated.

The Pittsburgh Police Officers’ Union, however, voiced reservations about the policy change and explicitly linked it to the understaffing of the department.

Union President Bob Swartzwelder emphasized the difficulties encountered by police personnel and issued a warning about possible contract violations brought on by the police department’s overcommitment and lack of resources.

“The staffing plan designed by police command is a direct response to a seriously understaffed police department,” said President Swartzwelder.

“Only time will tell if the plan works or the Chief will need to pivot and modify his plan quickly,” he added.

“The FOP will be watching carefully for any contract violations that develop especially when non-emergency events come up such as St. Patrick’s Day, parades, large concerts, July 4th, etc. In short, the FOP believes that the police department is seriously over-committed and under-resourced.”

This is just the latest in a long list of Liberal cities and states that have made it clear that they hate their citizens.

No matter what we do, the Left will always try and destroy us in one way or the other.

We cannot allow this madness to continue any longer.

The Left has abandoned America, and it is time to support leaders who will keep the country great.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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