The federal government just abandoned American citizens in an alarming display of incompetence

The federal government has a way of making problems worse. But no one expected things to get this bad.

And now, the federal government just abandoned American citizens in an alarming display of incompetence.

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston proposed budget cuts to city services on Friday in order to compensate for the city’s current illegal immigration crisis, which is predicted to cost more than $180 million.

Denver’s mayor claimed that the city has the largest number of illegal immigrants per capita among US cities, citing the arrival of roughly 40,000 during the past year, as reported by the Colorado Sun.

In his speech, Mayor Johnston said, “I want to thank every resident in the city who has showed up to cook a meal for someone who has arrived, who has welcomed somebody to their home, who has offered them a job, who said, We will help you find your way.”

“You’ve done your part. The city will do our part. The federal government did not do their part,” he added.

Among the budget cuts are the elimination of in-person vehicle registration renewals, reductions in landscaping costs, and a reduction in leisure center hours.

It is anticipated that the plan will save $5 million, or around 25% of the projected crisis management expenses.

According to Fox News, Mayor Johnston and the city have a plan in place to slash their budget by around $60 million, and the cuts that were revealed on Friday are just the first step of it.

It is apparently the intention to close or combine the current shelters that house the undocumented immigrants, and locals are being asked to help with their accommodation.

A Denver Human Services employee, John Ewing, told Fox News “We put out a feeler to all the landlords we have connections with.”

“Basically said, listen, we’re going to have some newcomers who are going to need housing,” he added.

Apparently, the city of Denver has also reached out to local landlords to see if they are willing to rent to illegal immigrants.

Ewing specified that “We’ve got kind of a rent cap – $2,000.”

With 710,000 residents, Denver is a sanctuary city.

Earlier this year, as its shelters filled up, illegal immigrants started to set up tent camps.

The co-owner of Denver’s “One Shot Back” bar, Samantha Menendez, mentioned the “200 plus tents around our business” in a January interview with Fox.

The reality is chilling, and Americans are terrified.

The Federal Government has turned its back on the people, and we are completely alone in this fight.

Some leaders, like Mayor Johnston, are trying to rely on citizens to clothe and house illegals, but others, like Governor Greg Abbott, are fighting back against the oppression of the Biden administration.

This crisis is not going anywhere until we hold our elected leaders accountable.

The situation is unacceptable, and we will not tolerate it.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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