Tragic death rattles this presidential campaign

Politics can be dangerous for many. But no one expected it to go this far.

And now, a tragic death rattled this presidential campaign.

The senior advisor to Donald Trump had a grim message to share with viewers:

The GOP presidential debate would be the “death” of Ron DeSantis’s campaign.

Jason Miller, the senior advisor, stated that Donald Trump’s interview which aired the same time as the debate, had an estimated ten times more views than the debate.

He also claimed that those who thought DeSantis won the debate were liars.

“I heard someone earlier on the panel say Desanctimonious did OK. That’s not right,” Miller stated.

“We saw the death of Ron DeSantis’s campaign tonight as Vivek Ramaswamy leap-frogged him into second place.”

This was Ron DeSantis’s first time appearing on the national debate stage, but it was a repeat appearance for many others.

And while some have criticized DeSantis, others have pointed out that most Americans who watched the debate though he did the best.

According to a Washington Post poll, conducted alongside FiveThirtyEight and Ipsos, 29% of Republican voters polled said that DeSantis performed the best out of the eight candidates on the stage in Milwaukee.

The poll was conducted from Aug. 23-24 and polled 775 potential Republican primary voters who watched the debate.

But that didn’t stop Miller from saying that “President Trump looks like a genius by skipping the pig pile tonight.”

But what else would you expect from a very deeply entrenched pro-Trump advisor?

DeSantis is, in many polls, the only other candidate with double-digit support, so he is the most likely threat to Trump’s hegemony in the race.

But only time will tell if DeSantis or Trump will pull ahead, as there are plenty of debates ahead.

Trump remains extremely popular among conservatives, and he is not afraid to address the issues that Americans want addressed.

But he also is being hit with constant legal challenges that threaten to derail him and his message.

Other candidates don’t have that kind of baggage.

Americans are sick of Bidenomics and are obviously sick of Joe Biden’s America.

They want their freedom back, and they want their lives back.

Many just want a strong candidate to fight back against the Leftist onslaught.

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