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Incriminating report from Ukraine has Joe and Hunter shaking in their boots

The war in Ukraine has been all over the news for over a year now. But recently, the news has taken an unexpected twist. And...

Impeachment push plunges Capitol Hill into total chaos

The worst thing you can do to a politician is take away his job. If they don't have the spotlight and power, they have...

Kevin McCarthy just threw a major wrench in Hunter Biden’s plea deal

Joe Biden's son, Hunter, made headlines this week for pleading guilty to gun crimes and tax evasion. But House Speaker Kevin McCarthy just turned...

Joe Biden had a nervous breakdown after the FBI made this shocking admission

President Biden is under a massive investigation into his alleged crimes. Now the FBI is finally weighing in. And Joe Biden had a nervous breakdown...

You won’t believe what AOC just said about Hunter Biden

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been known for being totally unhinged. But she just took it to another level. And you won't believe what AOC just said about Hunter Biden.

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