Terrorist plot at a liberal college gets foiled for this shocking reason

The Radical Left is doing everything in their power to destroy this great nation. But this has gone too far and crossed every line. And...

Lindsey Graham issues scary proclamation live on ABC

It is no secret that the security of America is terrible right now. Joe Biden has effectively crippled any hopes of securing the country....

Jim Jordan spanked Joe Biden with this demand for his FBI

The FBI has become more corrupt than ever before under Joe Biden's admin. House Republican Jim Jordan is sick of it. Because he just spanked...

Joe Biden had a nervous breakdown after the FBI made this shocking admission

President Biden is under a massive investigation into his alleged crimes. Now the FBI is finally weighing in. And Joe Biden had a nervous breakdown...

Joe Biden just did the unthinkable to an IRS whistleblower

The Biden administration is known for being vindictive. But this went way too far. Because Joe Biden just did the unthinkable to an IRS whistleblower. On...

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