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VP Kamala Harris caught doing this unspeakable act on camera

Most Americans despise Kamala Harris according to polls. This is sure to send her number tanking. And VP Kamala Harris was caught doing this unspeakable...

Kamala Harris’ career ending secret exposed by watchdog

Vice President Harris is one of the least likable politicians in the country. But things just got so much worse for her. And Kamala Harris'...

Kamala Harris was hit with shocking news that will change her life forever

Vice President Harris has fumbled everything she's been handed. It's why many have called for her to resign. And Kamala Harris was hit with shocking...

Kamala Harris made one move that sent Dianne Feinstein spiraling

Feinstein's mental competency has come into question recently. And she couldn't have ever guessed Kamala would do this to her. And Kamala Harris made one...

Kamala Harris called Donald Trump one word that’s coming back to haunt her

Vice President Kamala Harris is a problem for the Biden administration. She's an abject failure. But Kamala Harris has called Donald Trump one word that's...

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