Top Republican Governor makes the ballsiest move that has Leftists crying

The Democrat Party never saw this loss coming their way. But it's rocking them to their core. Because a major Republican Governor made this ballsy...

The White House launched a devastating attack on Republicans with major consequences

Joe Biden and his pals in his cabinet want everyone to bend the knee to their ideology. They're showing exactly what they'll do if...

Biden makes a complete fool of himself in this primetime speech

Joe Biden can't seem to stop making cringy gaffes. It's almost as if the lights are on but nobody's home. And Biden made a complete...

You won’t believe what a major Republican just said about you

Washington, D.C. is full of shameless politicians. They'll backstab anyone for their own gain. And you won't believe what a major Republican just said about...

Nancy Pelosi’s heart stopped when she was attacked during a speech

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's narcissism is her undoing. She's really paying for it now. Because Nancy Pelosi's heart stopped when she was attacked during...

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