Biden’s disgusting move against Speaker Johnson leaves America horrified

Joe Biden is disrespectful and petty. But no one expected him to take things this far.

And his disgusting move against Speaker Johnson leaves America horrified.

As House Speaker Mike Johnson surveyed the chaotic reality of the southern border on Tuesday, the Biden administration threw another curveball, announcing the sudden reopening of four previously closed border crossings.

This bewildering move comes amidst record-breaking illegal immigration, leaving Texans understandably confused and frustrated.

December saw a staggering nearly 250,000 illegal crossings, the highest monthly total ever recorded.

In response, the administration inexplicably shuttered crossings in Texas, Arizona, and California.

Just days later, however, with Speaker Johnson bearing witness to the crisis firsthand, it reversed course, ordering the reopening of Eagle Pass, San Ysidro, Nogales, and Lukeville.

This flip-flopping policy is symptomatic of the administration’s utter mismanagement of the border crisis.

It’s akin to putting out a fire with gasoline, then complaining about the flames rising higher. CBP’s tepid statement about “adjusting operational plans” rings hollow in the face of overwhelming numbers and rampant criminal activity.

Meanwhile, Texans are rightfully sounding the alarm.

47 counties, encompassing vast swathes of the state, have declared an “invasion” at the hands of unchecked immigration.

These concerns aren’t mere hyperbole; they’re born out of tangible fears for public safety and national security.

Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith’s chilling words resonate: “We don’t know who is coming in. It only took 19 people to change the world as we know it on 9/11. That’s a fraction of the thousands coming through an hour and we don’t know who they are.”

Congress, Smith points out, has the power and responsibility to stop this “invasion” through the purse strings.

The Biden administration’s request for $13.6 billion in border funding is seen as pouring gasoline on the fire by many Texans.

They argue that funds should be directed towards securing the border, not enabling its further breach.

The reopening of crossings, while seemingly a step towards normalcy, feels like a temporary concession in the face of mounting pressure.

The underlying issues – record-breaking illegal immigration, national security concerns, and the erosion of public safety – remain unaddressed.

Texas stands resolute, united against the “invasion” at its doorstep.

Their declaration is a stark reminder that the border crisis isn’t some abstract statistical anomaly; it’s a lived reality for millions of Americans.

Until the Biden administration recognizes this and implements tangible solutions, the chaos at the southern border will continue to fester, leaving communities like Eagle Pass reeling in its wake.

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