Adam Schiff’s been caught in the most embarrassing lie yet

Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff is known for being untrustworthy, even in Democrat circles. But he’s really stepped into it now.

Because Adam Schiff’s been caught in the most embarrassing lie yet.

If your borders are not well-protected, you cannot have an independent state.

Furthermore, open borders are incompatible with welfare states.

You truly have no control over what happens inside your country if you can’t manage who and what enters it.

And if violent gangs and illegal immigrants are to blame for what’s happening in American towns and on neighborhood streets, then what purpose does our federal government serve?

Many people are now asking that question as they realize the severity of the catastrophe occurring along the Rio Grande.

There is nothing less than a full-scale, horrific act of war taking on at our southern border.

More violent crime, drug-related fatalities, and human trafficking are occurring across the nation as a result of our southern border turning into nothing more than a beacon for terrorists and criminals.

Anything you can think of is crossing our border illegally.

The border is being overrun by drugs, prostitutes, gangs, human trafficking, and possibly terrorism.

Our border has been swamped with enough of the lethal narcotic fentanyl to kill our entire country numerous times over.

And a street near you will soon be the scene of all this crime and destruction.

Over 2.7 million illegal immigrants entered the US between September 2021 and September 2022 alone, making their way to all 48 states with unknown purposes.

To put that in context, the US military as a whole has 1.4 million personnel, making that almost twice as large.

And for years, many Republicans who couldn’t give a damn about the crisis at our southern border have been made to use it as a prop by lefties who are gleefully ignoring it.

The radical Left achieves its greatest successes by causing death, damage, and disorder.

But it was Congressman Adam Schiff of the Democratic Party who told one of the biggest lies we have ever heard.

Adam Schiff was questioned about the Democrats’ lack of response to the issue at the southern border while he was on The View.

Schiff grinned and asserted:

“I think it has been a very strong priority, and what we really need is a comprehensive approach to the border that is fair and humane and enforceable, and it’s very hard to do that on a — on a single-party basis. We really need to work together on this. We have come close at times, but — but at the moment it seems to be, again, the third rail of American politics.”

To utter those things without missing a beat live on national television, one must be a certain brand of a pathological liar.

Adam Schiff is obviously not above that.

The southern border has never been a concern for Democrats.

No matter how many Americans and illegal immigrants have to die as a result of their actions, they will stop at nothing to keep the floodgates open.

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