Donald Trump makes shocking move in race for Speaker of the House

The battle for the Speakership is already underway. And a few key figures have stood out in the running.

But Donald Trump’s shocking move could change all of that.

Donald Trump has made a major endorsement of one of the candidates for the Speaker of the House.

He has endorsed Jim Jordan, the representative from Ohio, and made a very long post highlighting Jordan’s strengths.

In a recent post on Truth Social, Donald Trump stated that Jordan “will be a GREAT speaker of the house, & has my Complete and Total endorsement.”

Jim Jordan and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise are the two frontrunner candidates for the speakership.

Both of these candidates have an impressive resume and have been receiving major endorsements from politicians and celebrities.

One of the reasons that Jordan received the nomination from Trump and not Scalise, could have something to do with their support for Trump.

Jim Jordan has already endorsed Trump for the 2024 election, while Scalise has notably not endorsed the former president.

The endorsement by Trump is certainly a helpful one for Jim Jordan, but there is still worry regarding centrists who might be more hesitant to vote for someone endorsed by Trump.

There is expected to be a candidate forum on Tuesday with voting to follow on Wednesday, but many are fearful of a repeat of the last speaker election.

Jim Jordan is a solid conservative who has always fought for the American people and his case for speakership is a strong one.

Jordan is a strong advocate for lower taxes, less government regulation, and a strong national defense. He is also a staunch defender of the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

Jordan is also a skilled politician and communicator. He is able to clearly and concisely articulate conservative principles, and he is not afraid to stand up to the Democrats.

The Democrats want to raise taxes, increase government spending, and expand government control over the economy.

These policies will hurt the American people and make it harder for them to make ends meet.

Congressman Jim Jordan is a strong opponent of the Biden administration’s socialist agenda. He will fight to lower taxes, reduce government regulation, and protect the American way of life.

Republicans throughout the country need a strong leader like Jordan who will oppose the radical policies of the Left.

Americans deserve someone who will put the needs of the people first.

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