Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made one statement that shocked even Democrats

AOC is not known for being very smart or having a clue. In fact, she might be one of the dumbest representatives this country has.

But her most recent statement has shocked even Democrats.

Christmas, a time for celebrating Christ’s birth and embracing peace on Earth, was unfortunately marred by an Instagram post from Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Instead of sharing the joy of the season, she offered a distorted retelling of the Nativity story, twisting it into a politically charged diatribe against Israel and fueling flames in the already complex Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Ocasio-Cortez painted a picture of Jesus’ birth under the shadow of an “unjust leader’s power” engaged in “a massacre of innocents,” a thinly veiled analogy to modern-day Israel.

This blatant historical revisionism ignores the nuances of Roman rule and the specific context of King Herod’s actions, reducing a complex historical event to a convenient political soundbite.

More alarmingly, her post went silent on the recent wave of Hamas terror, conveniently omitting the October 7th attack that left over 1,200 Israelis wounded and traumatized.

This selective storytelling, while claiming to stand with the “powerless,” only serves to fuel anti-Israel sentiment by presenting an incomplete and frankly one-sided picture of the conflict.

The audacity of using the occasion of Christmas, a celebration of unity and love, to launch a partisan attack on Israel exposes the depths of Ocasio-Cortez’s ideological agenda.

Even her call for compassion for the vulnerable rings hollow when coupled with the absence of empathy for Israeli victims of brutal terror attacks.

The truth is, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is far too complex to be boiled down to simplistic, one-dimensional narratives.

Painting Israel as the sole villain and overlooking the role of terrorist groups like Hamas only hinders the path toward a peaceful resolution.

Instead of politicizing a religious holiday and furthering animosity, Ocasio-Cortez would do better to dedicate her efforts to fostering genuine understanding and dialogue between both sides.

Thankfully the response to AOC was swift and severe, with many people (even Democrats) calling her out for her disgusting lies.

This Christmas, let us remember the true message of the season: hope, love, and peace.

Let us reject attempts to weaponize faith and distort history for political gain.

We must strive towards a future where all sides in this conflict can coexist peacefully and work towards a lasting resolution, one that celebrates the sanctity of life and the right to security for all.

The radical Left, including idiots like AOC, want to force their radical and false narrative onto all people, but we must not let them win.

We must fight for our allies, and we must speak the truth…not the lies that squad members like AOC spread all over the media.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics where we speak the TRUTH and not the lies of the Left.

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