A judge just unleashed on Nancy Pelosi for saying this massive lie

Nancy Pelosi is trying to fool the American people. But her plan just hit a major snag.

That’s because a judge just unleashed on Nancy Pelosi for saying this massive lie.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is attempting to divert voters’ attention away from the November midterm elections by focusing on abortion and January 6.

Democrats have no track record to run on after destroying the country.

Democrats unleashed the biggest inflation in a generation after authorizing trillions in needless expenditures.

According to polls, voters’ top concern this year is inflation.

During an appearance on CBS’s Face the Nation, Speaker Pelosi advised vulnerable Democrats running for office this fall to “change the subject” if inflation is raised.

She wants Democrats to talk on something other than the enormous financial suffering they’ve inflicted on working-class Americans as a result of their reckless socialist spending sprees.

Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News chastised Pelosi for ignoring inflation as Election Day approaches.

“I think this whole thing about Nancy Pelosi, and her saying, you know, well, I don’t want to talk about that,” Pirro said. “I want to change the subject.”

While attempting to change the political conversation, Democrats are ignoring kitchen table problems such as inflation.

During an interview, Speaker Pelosi dismissed the concerns of suffering Americans by asserting abortion was the real top issue, despite being told that inflation and the economy were the most important topics to voters in this election.

“That’s what the Democrats have been doing,” Pirro continued. “It’s like a shell game. They say this is really what we need to be talking about, that the Republicans, they’re the violent ones.”

Instead of running on their record of failures, Democrats have used January 6 to depict Republicans as “violent extremists.”

“You saw January 6, they’re the violent ones,” Pirro continued. “Forget about the summer of 2020. Forget about the fact that crime is through the roof.”

Democrats unleashed a crime tsunami on the country after they supported the deadly Black Lives Matter movement and soft-on-crime policies like “defund the police.”

Speaker Pelosi is hoping that Americans would forget about Democrats encouraging violent left-wing thugs during the summer of 2020.

Dana Perino of Fox News slammed the Biden administration for its rotating door of inflationary justifications.

“First, inflation was transitory, then it was a rich person problem,” Perino explained. “Remember that little thing from the White House podium? Then it was the Republicans who will make it worse. Then it was, hey, at least Europe is worse than we are. Then it’s changing the topic.”

Nancy Pelosi’s strategy to divert attention away from the huge harm done by Democrats will fail.

Even the corporate-controlled media is reluctantly admitting that Democrats will have a difficult election day.

When Americans are suffering to make ends meet as a result of Democrats’ catastrophic policies, Nancy Pelosi cannot change the political conversation.

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