A leading Democrat just made a stunning disclosure that could cost her the election

Democrats’ political situation is getting worse every day. Races they thought were safe are now within the reach of Republicans.

And a leading Democrat just made a stunning disclosure that could cost her the election.

New York has not had a competitive statewide election since 2002.

However, Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin is already polling within single digits of New York’s unelected Governor Kathy Hochul.

The reason Zeldin is gaining ground on Hochul is because of crime.

Hochul was a State Senate leader who supported a George Soros-backed no-cash-bail law, turning the court system into a revolving door for violent offenders.

A recent video of a man who was caught 24 times and released from jail each time for pushing someone down a subway train highlighted the shortcomings of soft-on-crime Democrats like Hochul.

Statistics reveal a significant increase in crime in New York City.

According to a New York City government report, there has been a significant increase in serious felonies:

Additionally, NYPD officers in August 2022 made 4,011 arrests for complaints of major felony crimes, a 16.3% increase over the 3,450 arrests for major felonies in the same month last year. Arrests for major felonies are up 27.1% (31,033 v. 24,419) so far in calendar 2022, compared with the first eight months of 2021.

Overall index crime in New York City increased in August 2022 by 26% compared with August 2021 (11,357 v. 9,014). Five of the seven major index-crime categories saw increases, driven by a 38% increase in robbery (1,630 v. 1,181), a 34.7% increase in grand larceny (4,687 v. 3,480), and a 31.1% rise in burglary (1,356 v. 1,034).

Kathy Hochul consented to participate in a debate with Zeldin.

It was a sign that Hochul realized her poll ratings were plummeting and that she needed to do something to stop the bleeding.

However, during the discussion, Hochul made one of the most egregious gaffes when she said she couldn’t understand why Lee Zeldin wanted to imprison criminals.

Many people were reminded of Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s blunder during a debate with Glenn Youngkin, in which he criticized the idea of parental involvement in their children’s school curriculum.

Kathy Hochul remains the favorite to win this contest.

However, the polls are getting closer.

If Zeldin wins, Hochul’s blunder on crime will be remembered as a watershed moment.

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