A Republican governor has just issued a chilling warning about China

The Radical Left wants to make friends with China and force the US to become reliant on the communist country. However, the truth of what is going on is terrifying.

And a republican governor has just issued a chilling warning about China.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has issued a chilling warning about China’s growing influence in the United States, asserting that the communist nation harbors a sinister agenda to “destroy” America.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Noem expressed grave concerns over China’s relentless acquisition of American agricultural land, particularly near strategic Air Force bases and other critical national defense assets.

She pointed to a staggering 5,300% increase in Chinese purchases of U.S. farmland over the past decade, highlighting a deliberate strategy to gain strategic control over America’s food supply and weaken its military infrastructure.

“They’re buying up our land near our strategic Air Force bases, our national defense resources,” Noem declared. “And they’re doing it in a way to continue to build this agenda to destroy the United States of America. They want to become the world’s dominating power. The only way that they do that is by eliminating the United States of America.”

Noem’s remarks underscore the growing threat posed by China’s economic and geopolitical ambitions.

The communist nation’s relentless pursuit of dominance has extended beyond military expansion and technological espionage to include strategic acquisitions of land and critical industries within the United States.

The governor’s call for action is both timely and urgent. Congress must heed her warning and take decisive measures to safeguard America’s national security and economic independence.

Chairman Mike Gallagher’s bill, which would empower the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to review and potentially block foreign land purchases near sensitive national security assets, is a crucial step in this direction.

The American people must also recognize the gravity of this threat and demand that their elected officials act with resolve to protect the nation’s sovereignty and economic vitality.

China’s aggressive agenda to undermine America’s interests cannot be ignored. It is time for the United States to wake up and take a stand against this insidious threat.

Governor Noem’s warning about China’s strategic land acquisitions should serve as a wake-up call for the American people and their elected representatives.

The communist nation’s relentless pursuit of power poses a clear and present danger to the United States, and it is imperative that action be taken to counter this threat.

China’s economic and geopolitical ambitions are well-documented. The nation has engaged in a pattern of predatory behavior, seeking to dominate key industries and gain strategic control over critical infrastructure.

The Biden administration has been far too accommodating, allowing China to advance its agenda at the expense of American interests.

A more robust approach, including stricter scrutiny of foreign investments, is necessary to protect the nation’s security and prosperity.

The American people must also be vigilant in safeguarding their nation’s sovereignty. We must demand that our elected officials take a firm stand against China’s predatory practices and uphold the nation’s economic independence.

The future of America depends on the ability of its citizens and leaders to recognize and confront the threats posed by China’s aggressive agenda.

The United States must heed this warning and take decisive action to protect its national security and economic independence.

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