A terrified Biden campaign was caught censoring reporters

The Radical Left is doing everything in their power to control the narrative. But now they have taken things to the extreme.

And a terrified Biden campaign has been caught censoring reporters.

The whispers swirling around Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, have now morphed into a full-blown storm, exposing a disturbing pattern of media manipulation and an administration increasingly desperate to control the narrative.

The latest revelation? Off-the-record trips where handpicked corporate media editors and reporters are schooled on “what they’re getting wrong,” according to Semafor, with the campaign presenting “coverage spreadsheets” detailing their perceived journalistic inadequacies.

Outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times, once bastions of journalistic independence, stand accused of being complicit in this backroom deal.

These “substantive” and “productive” meetings, as a source described them, paint a bleak picture of where journalism has reached: kowtowing to political cronies in exchange for access, objectivity sacrificed at the altar of campaign talking points.

The Biden team’s agenda is clear: silence the drumbeat of legal troubles shadowing the former president, Trump, and amplify his campaign trail pronouncements, regardless of their merit.

This blatant attempt to manipulate the news cycle reeks of desperation, a sign of an administration losing control of the narrative even within its own handpicked media echo chamber.

The New York Times, to its credit, seems to have resisted the charm offensive, their meeting reportedly less than “productive.”

But the mere existence of these off-the-record sessions leaves a stain on all involved, raising the uncomfortable question: what other hidden agendas are being whispered behind closed doors?

This news comes on the heels of Biden’s public scolding of reporters, demanding they cover the economy “the right way.”

This “right way,” it seems, involves cherry-picking data points and burying inconvenient truths about inflation, job losses, and a recession looming on the horizon.

The American people deserve better. We deserve journalists who ask tough questions, hold power to account, and report the news without fear or favor.

The Biden campaign’s blatant attempt to manipulate the media is a direct attack on this fundamental right, a dangerous step towards an Orwellian future where truth is subservient to political expediency.

The numbers paint a stark picture. Biden’s approval ratings hover around the abysmal 39% mark, a reflection of public discontent with his failed policies and growing unease with his administration’s increasingly authoritarian tactics.

Head-to-head polls with Trump show a staggering deficit, a clear rejection of Biden’s vision for America.

The Biden campaign’s media manipulation tactics are a desperate gambit, a Hail Mary pass thrown as the clock ticks down on their failed term.

But these backroom deals and public scoldings will only backfire, further eroding public trust and solidifying the image of an administration clinging to power by any means necessary.

The American people, however, are not fools. We see through the spin and orchestrated narratives. We are hungry for truth, for accountability, and for leaders who respect the very foundation of our democracy: a free and independent press.

The Biden campaign’s attempt to control the media may momentarily silence some voices, but it will ultimately prove a Pyrrhic victory, one that will hasten their inevitable downfall.

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