Alarming new development at U.S. border could not be worse

With Joe Biden doing nothing about our border security, the situation has gotten out of hand. And it seems impossible to come back from this newest attack.

As an alarming new development at the U.S. border could not be worse.

In a stunning development, Swanton Sector Border Patrol agents arrested more than 3,000 migrants in May, marking a new record for the sector that patrols the Canadian border with eastern New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

This surge in arrests has brought the fiscal year’s total to over 10,000, setting yet another record for the Swanton Sector.

Unofficial Border Patrol reports reviewed by Breitbart Texas revealed that the 3,000 migrant encounters in May represent the largest number for any month in the sector’s history.

This single month’s total even surpasses the annual totals for any fiscal year prior to the Biden administration, highlighting the unprecedented scale of the current border crisis.

Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia took to social media to share these alarming statistics.

He noted that the total number of apprehensions for the current fiscal year, which began on October 1, 2023, has already exceeded 10,000.

This figure surpasses last year’s record-breaking total of 6,925 migrant arrests, underscoring the ongoing and escalating challenges faced by Border Patrol agents in this sector.

The dramatic rise in migrant apprehensions within the Swanton Sector has been particularly pronounced since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021.

Since then, agents in this sector have arrested over 18,000 migrants, more than the combined total of all prior years dating back to Fiscal Year 2004. This sharp increase is indicative of broader trends at the U.S. borders under the current administration.

Chief Patrol Agent Garcia highlighted that the apprehensions in April alone exceeded the annual totals of FY21 and FY22 combined, further illustrating the surge.

The increase in crossings at the northern border is a concerning development, as it adds to the already overwhelming challenges at the southern border.

The record-breaking numbers in the Swanton Sector are a direct consequence of the Biden administration’s lenient immigration policies.

These policies have created a de facto open border, encouraging illegal crossings and overwhelming Border Patrol resources.

The administration’s approach has been to reverse many of the stringent measures put in place by former President Donald Trump, including the “Remain in Mexico” policy and the construction of the border wall.

Tom Homan, former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has been vocal about the detrimental impact of the Biden administration’s policies.

“What we’re seeing at the border is a crisis of the administration’s own making,” Homan said. “When you signal to the world that our borders are open, you create a pull factor that encourages illegal immigration.”

The surge in migrant crossings has placed an immense strain on Border Patrol resources, particularly in less monitored sectors like Swanton.

Agents are stretched thin, dealing not only with the immediate task of apprehending migrants but also with the long-term consequences of processing and managing these individuals once they are in custody.

The influx has also exposed vulnerabilities in the nation’s border security infrastructure.

Traditionally, the northern border has received less attention and fewer resources compared to the southern border.

However, the recent spike in crossings has made it clear that the northern border is now a significant point of concern.

The unprecedented surge in migrant arrests in the Swanton Sector highlights the ongoing border crisis and the significant challenges facing Border Patrol agents.

With local communities feeling the strain and national security at risk, it is imperative that decisive action be taken to address this escalating crisis.

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