Alarming test results rocked the White House to its core

We all knew Biden wasn’t up to the task of running for a second term. But this confirms it.

Because alarming test results just rocked the White House to its core.

The topic of independents has been on everyone’s lips this election season, with many on both sides of the aisle wondering what independent and third-party candidates will do to help or hinder the Republican and Democrat candidates.

Many people on the Left have painted a dire picture for Trump if third-party candidates like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appear on the ballot.

However, new surveys and reports seem to paint a different picture… one that remains very positive for Trump; even with third-party candidates, Trump still dominates the polls.

Donald Trump’s lead over Joe Biden dramatically increases when Robert F. Kennedy Jr. enters the race as an independent candidate.

This suggests a growing number of Democrats are willing to break ranks and support RFK Jr., potentially jeopardizing Biden’s chances of re-election.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll found that in a head-to-head matchup, Trump leads Joe Biden.

However, when RFK Jr. is added to the ballot, Trump’s lead expands significantly, with Kennedy capturing a surprising 16% of the vote.

This significant shift indicates a growing disaffection with Biden among Democrats, with many likely drawn to RFK Jr.’s independent voice and outsider status.

The poll also highlights concerning trends for Biden in key swing states.

In Wisconsin, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia, Trump maintains a consistent 5-point lead over Biden when RFK Jr. is included.

These results underscore the potential impact of RFK Jr.’s candidacy on the outcome of the 2024 election.

Furthermore, the poll reveals that a majority of voters (54%) believe “immigration is making life harder for native-born Americans.”

This sentiment aligns closely with Trump’s campaign message and could further boost his support among voters who prioritize stricter border control.

The inclusion of RFK Jr. as a viable third-party candidate adds a new dimension to the 2024 race.

The poll results suggest he could significantly impact the outcome, potentially swinging votes away from both major parties.

As the 2024 election heats up, RFK Jr.’s presence on the ballot will be a factor to watch closely.

His ability to capture the support of disaffected voters could have a major impact on the race and potentially reshape the political landscape.

The reality is that American voters are sick and tired of Joe Biden, and even Democrats are starting to flip on him.

The Radical Left is continuously trying to spell out a different narrative and claim that Donald Trump is in trouble, however, that is obviously not the truth.

Trump is the leader that so many Americans are eager for, and his lead in the polls shows Democrats exactly how we feel.

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