Bad news from the border sends Joe Biden into a rage

Joe Biden is doing everything he can to lie to the American people. But things are all about to fall apart for him.

Because this bad news from the border sent Joe Biden into a rage.

A new report has revealed that the Biden administration’s open border policies could cost American taxpayers over $451 billion per year.

This is a staggering amount of money that will be borne by the backs of hardworking Americans, while the administration continues to prioritize illegal immigrants over their own citizens.

The report, compiled by the House Republicans’ Committee on Homeland Security, breaks down the costs associated with illegal immigration, including housing, education, medical care, law enforcement, and welfare benefits.

It found that the daily cost of caring for a single adult migrant is around $184, and up to $339 for families with children.

These costs are simply unsustainable. The American taxpayer cannot afford to continue footing the bill for the Biden administration’s reckless immigration policies.

The administration has a responsibility to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws.

However, instead of taking action, the Biden administration has opened our borders and invited millions of illegal immigrants into the country.

This is not only a dereliction of duty, but it is also a betrayal of the American people.

The Biden administration is more interested in catering to its political base than in protecting the interests of its own citizens.

The Biden administration’s open border policies are not just a financial burden on American taxpayers, but they are also a security risk.

Illegal immigrants are often involved in crime, and they can pose a threat to national security.

The Biden administration’s failure to secure our borders has made our country more vulnerable to terrorism and other threats.

The Biden administration’s open border policies are also a slap in the face to the millions of legal immigrants who have followed the rules and come to the United States the right way.

The administration is sending the message that it is okay to break our laws and that illegal immigrants will be rewarded for doing so.

This is unfair to legal immigrants, and it undermines the rule of law.

The Biden administration’s open border policies are a disaster. They are costing American taxpayers billions of dollars, they are a security risk, and they are unfair to legal immigrants.

The Biden administration needs to change course and start enforcing our immigration laws. The American people deserve better.

Joe Biden’s atrocious border policies are crippling our economy and costing the average American thousands.

His actions have gone on long enough, and we need to stand up against this corruption and save this country.

America needs a leader who will protect America and secure our border, but instead, we have one that has kept our borders wide open even though it means the destruction of America.

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