Barack Obama was asked one question that sent him into a rage

Democrats are known for their failures and corruption. But the last thing they want is to be called out on it.

And now, Barack Obama was asked one question that sent him into a rage.

Democrats seem to always have the worst foreign policies, and when their actions have consequences they are unable to take accountability for their actions.

Both Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama have had terrible foreign policies especially when it comes to the Middle East.

However, anytime they see the fruit of their actions and failed policies, these politicians and their allies are silent.

And now, Obama is notably silent following the recent results of his own failed foreign policies from when he was president.

Obama’s weak and failed foreign policies are partially responsible for the attacks currently happening in the Middle East.

Obama was never taken seriously in the Middle East, and his Iran nuclear deal was adamantly opposed by leaders in Jerusalem.

Obama has notably not said anything since the attacks in Israel started, and users on Twitter have certainly noticed.

One Twitter user noticed and stated, “It’s been 48 hours and Obama has said nothing.”

He also went on to say, “His last posts have been about the Nobel Prizes and Dick Butkus.”

It seems odd, especially for a man who so desperately needs to run his mouth and wants his opinion to be heard by all.

Maybe Obama understands that he is partially responsible for the new war in the Middle East and is afraid that any statement he makes will be met with severe pushback.

Our elected Democrat officials, past and present, know that they are partially responsible for the attacks in Israel, but they are refusing to comment on the war.

Joe Biden sent billions of dollars to Iran who is known for funding terrorist groups like Hamas.

Barack Obama’s failed Middle Eastern policies are also responsible for the situation in Israel, and he also has been noticeably quiet.

When will the American people hold these corrupt officials accountable for their actions?

America deserves strong leaders with strong foreign policies that will put the needs of America and its citizens above all else while protecting their allies.

Barack Obama is a perfect example of a leader on the Radical Left who refuses to acknowledge his terrible mistakes and his failed policies even when the results of said policies are severe.

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