Biden administration has just made a shocking admission that leaves Americans outraged

The Biden administration has been lying to America for years and they never admit it. But now, all of that has changed.

Because the Biden administration has just made a shocking admission that outrages Americans.

The air crackled with an uncomfortable tension on Monday’s “Squawk Box” as White House economic guru Jared Bernstein stumbled through a PR tightrope walk.

The topic: America’s dwindling buying power under President Biden.

The result: a masterclass in how rosy government pronouncements can crumble under the weight of everyday grocery bills.

Host Joe Kernen, armed with the cold, hard facts of lived experience, wasn’t buying Bernstein’s sunshine and rainbows.

“Inflation may have ‘come down,'” Kernen conceded, “but people are still spending 30% more at the grocery store.”

That’s not some blip on a spreadsheet, folks; that’s the harsh reality facing millions of Americans who choose between putting food on the table and keeping the lights on.

Kernen’s gut punch went straight to the heart of the matter:

“Their buying power is less than when Biden came in. And you just have to acknowledge that and not say everything’s great and that Bidenomics did all this.”

Bernstein, cornered like a deer in headlights, could only muster a mealy-mouthed, “Prices are still too high. We very much agree with that part of your wrap.”

Well, gee, thanks for acknowledging the obvious while simultaneously patting yourself on the back for, well, acknowledging the obvious.

But Americans deserve more than a verbal head nod from out-of-touch Washington elites. We need solutions, not platitudes.

And the “real wage gains” Bernstein touts ring hollow when they lag far behind inflation, leaving families playing catch-up in a game rigged against them.

It’s like offering someone a life raft after they’ve already been treading water for months, gasping for air.

Bernstein’s attempts to distract with investment numbers and a low unemployment rate were as transparent as a pane of glass.

Corporate profits may be soaring, but that wealth hasn’t reached the pockets of the people keeping this country running.

And while a low unemployment rate sounds good on paper, it’s meaningless when your paycheck buys less and less each month.

This disconnect between Washington’s ivory towers and the lived experience of millions is the defining feature of the Biden era.

It’s not just about inflation; it’s about a fundamental lack of understanding of the struggles facing ordinary Americans. It’s about a government more concerned with self-congratulatory press releases than with putting food on the table and roofs over heads.

The Biden administration needs a reality check, delivered straight from the aisles of their local grocery store.

They need to see the empty shelves where affordable staples used to be, hear the desperation in the voices of parents choosing between diapers and dinner, and feel the weight of a system rigged against the very people they’re supposed to represent.

Until then, their economic pronouncements will ring hollow, their statistics cold comfort for a nation feeling the squeeze of Bidenomics.

The American people deserve more than crumbs from the table of corporate profits. We deserve an economy that works for them, not just for the privileged few.

And until that happens, the tension on “Squawk Box” will be a mere echo of the simmering frustration felt across the country, a frustration that could boil over come election day.

This is not just about economics; it’s about a broken social contract, a government that’s forgotten who it serves.

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