Biden blindsided by this election curveball

Joe Biden has recently been struggling in the polls. Many of his policies are driving the average American away.

And now he has been blindsided by this election curveball.

The current administration’s terrible policies are driving more and more sensible voters away.

Instead of focusing on issues of importance or addressing concerns that affect the entire nation, President Biden instead seeks to push his woke ideologies of CRT (critical race theory) and transgender rights.

Rather than appealing to non-white working-class voters, the current administration’s policies appeal to the upper and middle college-educated white and non-white liberals.

While some segments of the population support these policies, a significant portion of the working class remains skeptical.

This skepticism is particularly pronounced among non-white voters, who may have played a crucial role in the 2020 presidential election but now find themselves questioning the alignment of their values with the administration’s priorities.

In the 2020 presidential election, many say the deciding votes came from these swing votes among the non-white working class. And while Joe Biden won these votes in 2020 by a margin of 48 points, it appears history will not repeat itself.

According to recent surveys, the Democrats far left woke agenda is what is driving these votes away. Policies such as CRT, green energy, gender spectrum, and others appeal only to the extreme left.

Moderate to conservative working-class voters do not think that racism is an American systemic issue, instead holding the belief that racism comes from individuals.

These voters also refuse to fold to the unbelievable “gender identity” beliefs that the current administration holds. The working-class American does not believe the ridiculous notion that people should be able to play on whatever sports team they desire based on what gender they feel like that day.

Non-white working-class voters struggle to get behind green energy deals when they seem to do nothing but cut jobs and shoot up prices.

It all started when Biden first took office and immediately stopped progress on the Keystone pipeline and in an instant cut thousands of jobs.

It is hard for Americans to vote for a president who seems to be so out of touch with reality and so unbelievably inconsiderate of the average American’s needs.

Many voters are frustrated and feel completely ignored in today’s political battleground.

If Joe Biden wants to have any chance in the polls among non-white working-class voters, he has his work cut out for him.

To regain the support of the non-white working class, President Biden must prioritize tangible solutions that address their economic and social concerns.

Recognizing the importance of job stability, affordable energy, and education, the administration should redirect its efforts toward policies that have a direct positive impact on the lives of working-class Americans.

As the political landscape continuously is evolving, the disconnect between President Biden and the non-white working-class voters remains a significant challenge for the administration.

Can Joe Biden turn things around and start passing sensible policies that actually benefit and improve the lives of the everyday worker?

Or will he continue to make decisions that benefit the elite of our society and drive the blue-collar workers further into hardship?

The lack of improvement in Biden’s political prospects indicates that social and cultural matters continue to hold significant importance within our political landscape.

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