Biden campaign completely derails in this critical state

Joe Biden knows that he must win every swing state in order to have a chance in 2024. It’s not looking good after what just happened.

And the Biden campaign completely derailed in this critical state.

It is no secret that the 2024 presidential election race is going to be a hard one for Joe Biden.

Donald Trump is gaining more and more support across the nation as more Americans are realizing that Joe Biden is a disgraceful and incompetent president.

Joe Biden needs to win every single swing state if he wants to beat Donald Trump, however, that is not looking like it will happen.

Recent polling in Iowa shows that Joe Biden is losing major support in the state from critical groups.

The current president has lost 19 points as women and younger voters have “abandoned” him.

Though Joe Biden still has a significant lead over other Democratic challengers, the left is worried about any other options taking votes away from Biden, which is shown here in Iowa.

According to new polls, “only 38% of Democratic voters under 30 support Biden in a caucus.”

In May, Biden had 69% of the votes in Iowa, but now that support has dropped to 50%, with many voters changing to “someone else/undecided.”

In head-to-head polls, Donald Trump still has a commanding lead over Biden with 50%-39% respectively.

Many Democrat voters are looking for other options as Joe Biden proves time and time again how unreliable and incompetent he is.

The average American can feel the affects of “Bidenomics” and they do not like it.

Most Americans are struggling way more now than they were under Trump.

Many voters would rather put up with a “mean” president like Trump when the economy and overall life is better.

Joe Biden promises nothing but the downfall and destruction of America, and the incompetence that he has proven is terrifying to most.

Instead of helping America, our current president has given billions to foreign countries, allowed the border to completely fall apart, and has sent Americans into debt over simple things like gas and groceries.

America deserves better, and it is time for the people to do something about it.

We need to vote out the monsters that are destroying our nation.

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