Biden faces massive new legal scandal that exposes just how much truth the Left is hiding

The Left is not known for telling the truth, and they have always lied to the public. But now they have been caught.

And Biden faces a massive new legal scandal that has exposed just how much truth the Left is hiding.

America First Legal announced on Thursday that it had filed a lawsuit against the Department of Defense, claiming that the federal agency had illegally concealed records regarding the committee.

The Presidential Information Technology Committee was established by the Obama administration to “improve the information resources and information systems provided to the President.”

In their January Freedom of Information Act request, the American Family Association (AFL) claimed that the materials “may exonerate” Donald Trump in his case involving sensitive documents.

The legal firm claims that the PITC gives the impression that the president has control over any information received, which may serve as evidence that Trump thought he had the right to retain the disputed documents.

It was noted that the assertion that the former president deleted the documents “may be baseless” if they are still accessible through PITC-created systems within the Executive Office of the President of the DOD.

AFL further pointed out that Special Counsel Jack Smith should have been informed in advance if information from PITC archives played a role in shaping the prosecution of Trump.

In a recent statement, AFL Vice President Dan Epstein wrote, “America First Legal’s suit today raises significant legal questions the Biden Administration must confront.”

“First, the President’s Information Technology Committee presumes that all information received by the President is within his control.”

“That principle complicates the indictment by the Special Counsel’s Office, particularly on the question of what President Trump was authorized to access and retain.”

“Alternatively,” he added, “if the Court finds that records subject to PITC are agency records, not presidential records, and were separately preserved by the Department of Defense, then it raises serious questions about the National Archives’ decision to refer Trump to the Department of Justice as that referral would be based on the false claim that President Trump removed presidential records.”

Regardless of how hard the Left tries to cover up the truth, America will know what is really going on.

We must demand justice, and we must demand that this corrupt administration be held accountable for their actions.

Joe Biden and the Left claim that they are merely doing what is legal and right by prosecuting Trump so severely, however, they are hiding information from the public that could completely expose them.

The Left knows that as soon as America uncovers the truth, their witch hunt is over… well that time is now, and the American people are demanding answers.

How much more of this corruption will we allow to take place in the White House before we do something about it?

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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