Biden goes for broke on ending the Second Amendment

Joe Biden and the Left want to take away Americans’ right to bear arms. And they will stop at nothing until they’ve done just that.

But now, Joe Biden is going for broke on ending the Second Amendment.

President Joe Biden’s administration is poised to launch an unprecedented assault on American gun owners and the lawful firearms industry, as his tenure faces increasing scrutiny from a frustrated electorate.

With wide-open borders, rising crime rates, and soaring costs of living already burdening Americans, Biden’s latest move targets one of the most fiercely defended constitutional rights: the right to bear arms.

In a glaring example of executive overreach, Biden’s Department of Commerce has introduced an interim final rule that threatens to smother American gun companies with onerous regulations.

This rule aims to prevent civilians in other countries from lawfully purchasing American firearms and ammunition, a move that could cripple the domestic firearms industry while advancing Biden’s globalist agenda.

The new rule requires American firearm manufacturers to adopt new Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCNs) for tracking their products abroad.

Although U.S.-made firearms are already marked with serial numbers, this additional layer of bureaucracy is purportedly to enhance tracking.

In reality, it increases compliance costs and reduces revenue for American firearm manufacturers without offering any tangible improvement in tracking capabilities. Serial numbers already suffice for identification, making this new requirement redundant and burdensome.

Moreover, the rule will drastically restrict firearm sales to foreign civilians, but not to foreign governments.

This selective restriction reflects a fundamental belief held by the Left: that only those in power should have weapons, not the people they govern.

The hypocrisy is blatant as the administration defends this stance by falsely claiming that civilian-exported firearms are more likely to be diverted to black markets than those sold to foreign militaries and police agencies.

Credible analyses consistently show that government stockpiles and illegal imports are the primary sources of guns used in crimes and terrorism, not legally imported civilian firearms.

Simultaneously, Biden’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has launched a new rule that reclassifies occasional gun sellers as professional dealers, subjecting them to complex and burdensome regulations.

This “Engaged in Business” rule significantly expands the ATF’s control over ordinary gun owners and edges closer to establishing a de facto national gun owner registry.

This rule undermines the fundamental right to self-defense by placing additional legal hurdles for Americans who wish to sell or trade firearms.

The expansive regulations will likely discourage legal firearm transactions, pushing them underground and making it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

When the executive branch proposes such overreaching restrictions without congressional approval, they become subject to the federal rule-making process.

During this process, Americans have the right to submit comments opposing the rule, which federal officials must consider. Although the comment period for the ATF’s business rule has closed, the debate over Biden’s firearm export ban is still open.

The Biden administration’s new regulations on the firearm industry are more than just bureaucratic overreach; they are political maneuvers designed to placate a radical base at the expense of constitutional rights.

By targeting the Second Amendment, President Biden demonstrates his willingness to undermine the American people to advance his political agenda.

Conservative lawmakers and Second Amendment advocates are rallying against these unjust regulations.

Efforts are underway to overturn both the Commerce Department’s export restrictions and the ATF’s expanded definition of gun dealers.

Organizations like Heritage Action are mobilizing Americans to submit comments and support legislative action to protect the Second Amendment.

The Biden administration’s actions reveal a clear disdain for lawful gun owners and a dangerous willingness to undermine the Constitution.

As Americans face increasing economic and social challenges, these additional burdens on gun ownership and the firearms industry threaten to erode one of the nation’s most fundamental freedoms.

It is imperative that citizens, lawmakers, and advocacy groups unite to resist these overreaching regulations and uphold the principles of freedom and self-defense that define the American spirit.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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