Biden impeachment development spells out certain doom for election season

The Radical Left has been doing everything they can to hinder any impeachment proceedings against Biden. But now, things are getting crazy.

And a Biden impeachment development spells out certain doom for the election season.

Recently, the Radical Left has become obsessed with the legal process in America, and they have weaponized the justice system by going after all of their political opponents.

But now, when the same justice system is used to prosecute them for their crimes, they suddenly do not care about rules or laws anymore.

House committees have revealed that during their impeachment process into Joe Biden, the Biden White House is refusing to cooperate and is even actively disrupting the investigation.

Investigators and committee members have requested all drafts of Biden’s December 2015 speech during which he called for the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

The Ukrainian prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was reportedly investigating corruption allegations regarding the company Burisma where Hunter Biden was a board member making $80,000 a month.

Joe Biden later bragged that he forced the then Ukrainian president, Poroshenko, to fire prosecutor Shokin or he would withhold funding from Ukraine.

A letter to White House counsel Edward Siskel reads, “For more than five months the White House has declined to authorize the production of these draft speeches to the Oversight Committee or to assert a valid privilege over them.”

The letter claims that the Oversight Committee had requested the release of these drafts as long ago as August 17, 2023.

The letter states that the Committee requested the National Archives and Records Administration and the “NARA was able to provide the White House with the full set of documents that cover this request.”

Since the letter was sent, “the White House has refused to permit NARA to provide the Oversight Committee with any documents related to the 2015 Ukraine speech delivered by then-Vice President Biden.”

The White House has extended the review period multiple times claiming that the”release of this material would be fairly extraordinary, as it may make public foreign affairs deliberations of the person who is now the sitting President and his advisors, and as such requires additional review and analysis”

It continues, “This extension will also give us time to explore appropriate accommodations with Chairman Comer so as to avoid the concerns mentioned above.”

All of this back and forth is merely the White House refusing to cooperate, and it proves that they are doing everything they can to hinder the investigation.

However, the proof is already there:

In an interview in August of 2023, Victor Shokin stated that he was indeed fired because of Joe Biden’s threat to withhold funding to Ukraine.

Biden himself has even bragged about the issue and in a September 2019 speech said, “if the prosecutor is not fired, you’re not getting the money. Well, son of a b*tch, he got fired.”

The entire situation is absurd, and it proves that Joe Biden and the Radical Left are terrified of what would happen if the American people learned the entire truth.

They know that Biden will have no chance of taking office every again once the American people discover just how corrupt he truly is.

We deserve better than Crooked Joe and the Radical Left, and we must hold our elected officials accountable.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics.

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