Biden went pale as a ghost when this bombshell report hit his desk

Election season is well underway, and it appears that a Trump-Biden rematch is imminent. But now, the Radical Left is worried.

And Biden went pale as a ghost when this bombshell report hit his desk.

Election season is well underway, and the stakes are as high as they ever have been in this country.

The potential for a Joe Biden vs Donald Trump rematch seems more likely every day, and the future of our nation is at stake.

The Radical Left is placing their trust in the mentally ill and corrupt current president while the rest of America is rooting for a leader who can save us and this great nation.

Thankfully, there is now good news that has Joe Biden and the Radical Left worried sick:

The newest polling data from Bloomberg News/Morning Consult is showing Donald Trump beating Joe Biden in seven out of seven critical swing states.

Even as Democrats try and claim that Joe Biden will win in a landslide, the data is irrefutable and the truth is simple:

Americans do not want Biden.

According to the recent polling data, a major reason is because of the situation at the southern border.

Joe Biden has allowed complete and unrestricted access into this country, and quite literally millions of unvetted and undocumented illegal aliens have invaded our country.

Americans are outraged, worried, and horrified by these actions from the White House, and their obvious displeasure and fury can be seen in the polls.

The polls report:

“Six in 10 swing-state voters say President Joe Biden bears responsibility for a surge in [illegal immigrants] at the US-Mexico border, a downbeat signal for his reelection prospects as Republicans largely avoid blame on the issue, a Bloomberg News/Morning Consult poll found.”

“Biden again trails Donald Trump in each of the seven swing states in the monthly survey and lags Trump 42% to 48% across all those states in a head-to-head match-up. The former president’s lead grows to 9 percentage points when third-party candidates are included.”

Head to head in each of these seven states, Donald Trump is squarely leading in the polls:

Arizona: Trump 47 / Biden 44 — Trump +3
Georgia: Trump 49 / Biden 41 — Trump +8
Michigan: Trump 47 / Biden 42 — Trump +5
Nevada: Trump 48 / Biden 40 — Trump +8
North Carolina: Trump 49 / Biden 39 — Trump +10
Pennsylvania: Trump 48 / Biden 45 — Trump +3
Wisconsin: Trump 49 / Biden 44 — Trump +5

Even when independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr is included, Donald Trump still has a massive lead:

Arizona: Trump 43 / Biden 35 / Kennedy 10 — Trump +8
Georgia: Trump 44 / Biden 37 / Kennedy 8 — Trump +7
Michigan: Trump 43 / Biden 37 / Kennedy 8 — Trump +6
Nevada: Trump 43 / Biden 31 / Kennedy 12 — Trump +12
North Carolina: Trump 45 / Biden 32 / Kennedy 9 — Trump +13
Pennsylvania: Trump 43 / Biden 40 / Kennedy 7 — Trump +3
Wisconsin: Trump 43 / Biden 35 / Kennedy 10 — Trump +8

In fact, the data shows that when other candidates are included, Joe Biden suffered a major blow in the polls.

Other critical issues to voters include the economy where only 29% believe it is headed in a good direction.

Other data proves that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris both have absurdly low favorability ratings, and their approval ratings are in the toilet.

The truth of the matter is simple: Americans hate Joe Biden, and we will NOT vote for him.

Even with the Radical Left lying in the media constantly, we know the truth:

Joe Biden has no chance of beating Donald Trump… thank goodness.

Stay tuned to Prudent Politics where we bring you the TRUTH in the news.

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